The Old Rickety Barn.

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This old rickety barn has been such an unsuspected and surprising blessing.  When we bought this house, I never thought of the possibilities it could hold.  The extent of its usefulness in my head was a place to put all of Chris’ bajillionty-one tools.

It floods when it rains too much.  It has a half-finished bathroom & office in the corner that might never becoming a functioning space.  There appears to be… old washer & dryer hook ups? Right next to the giant heavy door that fell off its track and hardly opens any more. The support beams appear to be old telephone poles from some other time and place.  It is dusty and it’s home to maaany bugs.

From all outward appearances, it is just a pieced together old barn.  But it has become oh-so-much-more to us over the last 16 months.

It is a place for loud and wonderful worship practice.

photo 2

A place for men to gather and be men.

photo 1

A place for s’mores and hot dogs and friends.

photo 4

A place for college group bonfires.


A place for great, inspiring music to be played.


A place for imaginations.

photo 5

A place for solitude and quiet date nights while the thunder and rain roll in from the west.


A place for epic dance parties.


A place for work.


A place to celebrate thankfulness.

photo_3 copy

And life.


I am forever grateful for God leading us to this special place.  We hold it loosely in our hands, as we do with all things, knowing that He could call us away at any time. But our time so far out here in the country has been nothing short of magical.

A year or two ago, we had been looking to move to the mountains… thinking crisp air and snowy winters would remind us more of where we came from.  I basically wanted to be anywhere but Oklahoma. ha. But God sometimes leads us to (or calls us to stay in) surprising places if we will just trust and follow Him. Whether it be a remote village in Africa or a small country house in Oklahoma or The White House itself in Washington DC… no matter where it is or what it looks like, our deepest longings for HOME are ultimately met in Him who also promises to be with us every step of the way.

Where He leads you, He will be!

What a promise worth trusting and following, a promise worth stepping out in faith to find.