goons R’ us.

My little goons happen to have birthdays all within weeks of each other, and those weeks just happen to be inches after christmas, which means an EXPLOSION of celebrations between the months of december through march, followed by… blissful, peaceful calm for the rest of the year.  I can feel myself taking a huge sigh of relief after March 9th, because by then I can start digging myself out from underneath the avalanche of wrapping paper and recovering from the long months of birthday-induced sugar coma.

ImageEzra James is eight now, and a voracious reading machine.  He has trouble falling asleep at night, so he just reads and reads until sleep finally overtakes him. (He is so much like me in this way.) I’ve recently discovered that I can download kids books for free from my library’s website and put them on my nook for him.  He’s read the first couple books of Harry Potter in the last few days and his teacher told us yesterday he’s testing at a 5th grade level for reading & comprehension.  WOAH BRAINS. Sometimes I have to force him to go outside and play, but once he does it only takes moments for him to be wrapped up in a world full of ninjas and samurai swords. He still won’t eat hardly anything besides PB&J and hotdogs, and he still won’t talk about hardly anything besides legos.  I’m SO proud of the bright, caring boy he’s becoming.


Myer Elliot is four, and an artistic, meticulous sweetheart.  He will color for hours.  He only likes using markers.  The red marker is his favorite and needs to replaced often.  Do they sell giant bags of only red markers anywhere?  Myer and his Red Marker, Harold and his Purple Crayon.  He’s also insanely good at puzzles.  He will sit down in front of a blank page or a scrambled up puzzle, and he won’t get up again until it has been conquered.  (So unlike Ezra in this way.)  He refuses to let me go through an automatic carwash and he thinks monkeys are scary.  He listens very intently to music. We’ve finally gotten past his stubborn, tantrumy threes stage, and he’s becoming much more flexible and pleasant in all the day-to-day things we do.  His allergies and asthma and eczema are still bothersome to him- more so in spring than any other time of year it seems. He makes me giggle all day long and I think he’s already waaaaay cooler than I’ll ever be.


Truman Arthur just turned two. He talks to me in complete sentences.  I find this to be quite baffling.  The other boys were much slower in picking up speech.  He tells us all stories of choo-choos flying in the sky and he has become quite obsessed with books lately, as well.  His favorite place to be is outside, but he’s terrified of dogs and cats.  I have no idea why.  If one gets anywhere near our house he just loses his beans. Poor little pea.  He tries to do everything his brothers do, and usually surprises us all with his success.  He loves to snuggle his brothers and his mama and dada, and plant suuuuper slobbery kisses on any willing party.  He knows lots of colors and shapes. His curly white hair stops people in their tracks when we’re out and about, and people are always commenting on his platinum locks.  He’s so cute and yummy I just want to eat him up all day everyday. NOM NOM TRUMIE ALL GONE.


Chris and I have been in a really busy season. He’s working part time at our church now, doing the things he loves and was created to do.  The transition from operating a full time business to part time business/part time ministry has been a bit rough, and working it all out logistically with time & finances is not an easy task.  Things are tight. But we know that God is calling Chris into a new place, and we are faithfully taking steps in that direction, despite the struggles and opposition.  I’m sure some people think we are crazy, operating on such a level as we have been, but when God speaks and calls, we will listen, no matter what.  Steps of faith are rarely safe & logical.  They do not often make perfect sense on paper.  But without these leaps of faith and trust, we would never get anywhere with God!  We both want to go where He is going, and trust Him enough to get us there safely, fully knowing and expecting that His ways won’t look like we always think they should.  The ones who know us and love us the most have been so supportive of Chris and I in this season of transition, and we are so incredibly grateful for their prayers and encouragement as we hang on for the ride!

I’m sure I’ll write more on all of that later. Just wanted to play a little catch-up today, since I’ve been so MIA lately.  I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE AN EIGHT YEAR OLD.

over & out.


10 thoughts on “goons R’ us.

  1. Beautiful review of your family…I love you all so much! Tell Myer I’m scared of monkeys too…never have liked them. xoxo Em Bot!

  2. thanks so much for the update! I have missed the whimsical writings of Emery! hehe! The fact that Ezra is 8 blows my mind as well! I’m sure not as much as yours! HAHA! Enjoy your brood of boys!!!!

  3. such adorable pictures of your crazy cute boys . finn loves to read too…

    that truman with his big eyes and platinum locks…but all your boys are gorgeous and amazing!

    and you are so right. God’s ways don’t always make sense on pen and paper. Inspired by your leaps of faith, really!

  4. I thought I was surprised that Ezra was eight, but Truman is TWO?!? Holy cats, when did that happen? I remember reading his birth announcement… just the other day, right? Anyway, you have three beautiful boys, and I like how you honor their strengths here.

  5. Ah, your boys are so cute! Just in case you guys are Sims, I think you should make endless little big eyed, blondies.

  6. Emery, love your blog! The pics and descriptions of your family are precious! Ezra and Ethan, my 8+ Yr. “OLD” have always gotten along sooo well! Your boys r so cute, but growing up so fast that I hardly know
    Myer and Truman. Hope you all can bring them over to swim and play this summer! About work and ministry. I’ve always been much more of an encourager to my boys about their relationship with The Lord than about their worldly accomplishments and have trusted God’s leading for them!
    Besides, HE IS ALWAYS the one who supplies anyway no matter what they/we do! May you continue to let Holy Spirit lead! love you guys!
    Debbie G.

  7. its lovely to read about your family, but you are missing a section. you. what about you? who have you grown to be? lets hear it :)

  8. Your family is so beautiful. And I can’t believe how big they are! I’ve been reading your blog since before Myer was born and now Tru is TWO – crazy beans!!!

  9. well, i meant to type, “my 8+ year old GRANDSON” . my boys r a little bit older than that. loved having boys so that I could get a beautiful, talented, smart, helpful and Godly Daughter (in law) like Erin– you know, Emery!

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