Movin’ to the Country, Gonna Eat a Lot of Peaches.

We are officially moved in to our sweet country abode as of Saturday, and I’ve got pretty much everything unpacked, for the most part! The move was completely smooth and seamless thanks to the help of our wonderful friends and neighbors. We had everything loaded and unloaded up here by 11:00 AM, and once again I am reminded of how sweet community is, and how necessary it is when life gets a bit…chaotic. We could not have done it without their help!!

I will definitely be posting all the amazing before & after transformations that have taken place up here over the last couple of months, as well as pictures of all the rooms as they get all put together, but I need to wait until our Internet gets all hooked up- which should be in the next few days.

The boys and I have been having a blast discovering all of the new and wonderful things about this place. We’ve found lots of cute turtles and a tiny litter of newborn kittens were born under our deck a couple of days ago. We’ve also discovered a peach tree and a cherry tree growing right next to the driveway that leads back to the barn! What a blast!!

Although… to be fair… last night I was sitting in the living room relaxing, and when I stood up I saw a scorpion that was only inches from where I’d been sitting. Its tail was up and its claws we’re out and it was swaying side to side like a horrible, tiny little satan monster. I think i even heard it deny the cross! I died from fear and then spent the next hour trying to relocate it so that I could smash it to bits with a microphone stand. That was… not so much great. Hahaha.

It is so calm and peaceful out here (apart from the attempted scorpion attacks, of course), and I can already feel myself getting all claustrophobic whenever I have to drive back in to town. It’s amazing how quickly one’s perspective on things can change. I grew up out in a more rural area, so this new home of ours feels like stumbling upon a long lost friend. We are so grateful to be here!

Much more to come soon! xoxoxo

9 thoughts on “Movin’ to the Country, Gonna Eat a Lot of Peaches.

  1. So happy for you guys! We live in Atascadero on an acre and a half, which is SO different than what I grew up in, in our track home in Santa Maria. There is something so special about raising kids as explorers and free to roam…can't wait to see the rest!

  2. So beautiful! I didn't know there were scorpions in OK! Yuck. I hope you caught the little demon and have no more run ins with anything even close to that. Your house sounds absolutely perfect. Congratulations!

  3. hi there, just stumbled across your blog, and am loving it :)
    your little guys are ADORABLE, and so exciting about your new house!

  4. Ugh, the scorpion…love your description of it, though! Haha! Best wishes to you and your family in that new house. It sounds so lovely.

  5. Hopen that little scorpion has left your home so you don't have to worry about that demon seed.Sounds like your doing better since the storm and your home sound like a dream that has come true.

  6. um hi…i'm a blog stalker who's never posted but read your blog for over a year! ekk….found you through lorie (scottandlorie…) and love to read your story. update on the big move??? i can't be the only one waiting so i thought i'd speak up (finally)…hi.

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