Blogger’s Night Out (3.0)

I attended my very first local Blogger’s Night Out last night and let’s just say that my eyebrows will never be the same.


It’s true, though. The event was hosted at The Makeup Bar, a local business that has been around for 11 years and whose owner pretty much changed my life when her free brow wax changed my whole entire face for the much, much better. I have NEVER had my brows professionally waxed or plucked or shaped. I have been plucking them myself for the last bajillion years, and, lo and behold! It appears I have been doing it like a caveman! I might as well have been using a roughly hewn club rather than those jenky tweezers I’ve had for the last 15 years.


I wore this:

It was a great outfit except for when my hat was covering up my NEW FABULOUS EYEBROWS!

There was delicious food catered from Deep Fork Grill and they even sent an amazing mixologist named Jana to make us some yummy drinks! Jana was not only mixing our drinks, but teaching US how to make them as well! She invited me back behind the bar to craft my own tasty margarita.

just a little bit now, not too much!

oh heck dang, who am i kidding.. mama needs a stiff drink!

The food was delicious, but getting to meet some fellow local bloggers is what really took the cake. These women are amazing and sweet and charming and it was SO great to meet them all! I hope we can all get together even more regularly, because I may wither and die if I don’t get to see them again until next year. Rita had me laughing so hard I almost snorted my delicious salted caramel Green Goodie cupcake out my nose. (I don’t think I would have minded that too terribly, though. It was THAT delicious.)

Just when I thought the fun had reached maximum velocity, I WON SOMETHING! And not just something… the most amazingly beautiful leather clutch from Dandelion Goods!! I have been wanting a clutch exactly like this, and it is in the most beautiful latte color… I am so thrilled to have it!! I feel like I won the lottery.

I really enjoyed meeting you lovely local ladies, and I loved all your gorgeous business cards! I want to frame them all.

(Note to self: GO GET YERSELF SOME OF THEM THERE BUSINESS CARDS. Post-it notes are so last year.)

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to check out these Oklahoma lovelies!

Danielle from
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Erin from
Rita from
Brandy from
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Marek from
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Rachel from
Melissa from
Rachael from
Kara Kae from
Elle from
Laura from
Whitney from
Katie from

13 thoughts on “Blogger’s Night Out (3.0)

  1. It was fun seeing you the other night! When I saw that clutch, I just knew it had your name written all over it. See you at the next one!

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