In Love with a Moment.

A few weeks ago, some of our most favorite humans rolled into town!

Cameron and Anna and their little man Asher made the journey all the way out here to spend some time with us okies, and we were SO excited to have them!

Anna helped me shop and cook for a week and taught me some super yummy new recipes. She is now my “official un-official sister-wife”. bwa ha ha. It was so fun!!

Cameron & Chris forged a life-lasting friendship in college after Chris moved to San Luis Obispo to be nearer to me in the midst of our crazy dating years. Any of you who know Cameron know that he is a man of passion and dreams, and he has remained a strong influence in my husband’s (and my) life even though we now live half a country away.

These people are gold through and through, and we are so LUCKY to have them in our lives. They have helped capture & seal some of the most important moments in our little family’s history… and how can a person ever thank someone enough for that? For pinning down the moments you so desperately want to keep from blowing away?

There are just no words.

Here are a few of those very moments, captured here on our sweet little street, during yet another very important time in our lives. Thank you, Cameron and Anna. We love you so so much!!!


Go here to see some more images, and be sure to check out all of the Ingalls’ breathtaking work while you’re there!

4 thoughts on “In Love with a Moment.

  1. Oh man, Cameron is just too amazing for words… I mean, it helps that he has such beautiful models and you can FEEL his love for you guys ooze out of his finished product but still. That man and his talent. What did you and Anna cook?

  2. So random.. I googled “20 weeks pregnant” (because that's what I do every week of my pregnancy… Weird?) and stumbled upon your blog. I read your latest post and recognized Cameron right away. I live in Arroyo Grande and have admired Cameron & Anna's work for quite some time. It's a small, small world! Just wanted to say hello, because it makes me feel like less of a creeper (after finding your blog through google images and then following…) :)

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say I stumbled across your blog online a couple years ago. Back then you were pregnant with your second boy. I have not looked at your blog in over a year until today:(. I was so surprised to the addition of your third son! :) I now have a 2 year old son of my own. I still love your blog and will start following again.

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