Yesterday was one of those days that seeps down in to the bone level and aches. The nights have been rough with little Tru, and Myer is in this phase where I swear he is trying to make me want to send him away to baby boot camp until he’s at least 4. These days of counting gratitude have been life-transforming, but there are still those days, you know? Where everything your eyes rest upon make you grumble instead of sing and you somehow feel that God owes you a home that stays clean and children who play quietly for hours and never whine or need you for anything. UGH, just saying that makes me feel like a total doofwad. Living as if GOD owed ME something! It’s a miracle I haven’t become a lightning rod by now. haha.

Even in the midst of days like yesterday, though, I feel an underlying foundation that wasn’t there before. Maybe I should say the beginnings of a foundation. All these days of counting thanks have begun to build a trust in the goodness of God that definitely was not there before. As I’m learning to live aware of God’s gifts of grace in each and every moment, in each and every breath, I am realizing something… I am realizing that, oh heck! God really is GOOD! Look at how the light bars from the window are waving on the shower curtain and how the fast moving clouds cause it to pulse and strobe! I am captivated and in awe and I lay another pebble down on the foundation of believing God loves me and only has good intentions towards me. How have I lived for so long blind to my moments? And all the goodness stuffed down full inside each and every single one?

I may have stumbled back into discontentment yesterday, but even in that there is a gift. A reminder of how very much I don’t want to fall back into living that way. As I said, the day pulled heavy on my bones and made me feel old and thin. Who wants to walk in that day after day? Not me. Not any more. I’ve tasted and seen.

Today is already proving to be much better. My husband, seeing the weariness in my eyes, let me sleep in this morning… until ELEVEN O’CLOCK. He had the boys to school and the house tidied up and the baby napping by the time I pulled myself out of bed. You know how the Bible talks about loving those who grumble against you and it being like hot coals heaped upon their heads? Is my hair on fire? After such a hard and grumble-filled day yesterday, God’s grace is heaped upon me afresh through the loving servitude of the husband that THAT HE GAVE ME.

Forget the pebbles… I’m laying down a whole SLAB on the foundation today.

Life has never been so steadied, and I have never felt so loved.

6 thoughts on “Steadied.

  1. Your posts are so encouraging and such a great reminder to give thanks in all things… something I forget daily, if not moment to moment! Thank you so much for this post!

  2. yah, there are some days i feel like i am a lightening rod too. so funny that you wrote that.

    i like you and i like this post. you are surely on the right track and i hope to follow you close behind!!!

  3. good thing we serve a gracious God, amiright? i feel the same way. i'll step away from my attitude pretty sure that i'm going to get smited, smoted, whatever. but he's gracious and knows JUST how to turn our attitudes around. i hope you got the rest you needed (AND DESERVE!) and your precious little babes give you a bit of rest <3

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