eight years.

#330 on my list of 1000 thanks- A family that will chase the sunrise with me.

There are so many things happening below the surface over here, and our minds are running at break-neck speeds trying to chase all the pieces so we can eventually, hopefully, make sense of the puzzle.

For now, all we know is that God is speaking. Con uno megaphono. He has something big on the horizon, but for now it looms off just out of reach, a shadow outlined against the sky.

#357. bumblebee & obi wan.

I have never known God to be so near. I have never known God to be so real. I have never known God to be so… intimately intertwined in my everyday story. I wake up excited these days, hope surging through my veins and humming out through my vocal chords as I sing “You are good, you are good, when there’s nothing good in me!”

I am reveling in my weaknesses for the FIRST time in my life, because in those moments, when I allow Him to, He is proving Himself strong and faithful. O, Dichotomy of God! When I am most frail, it is then that I am something He can rebuild city walls with! When my need is greatest and everything in me feels dark like ink, it is then that the grace of Him burns so bright I can hardly look!

Today Chris and I are celebrating eight years of marriage. We went out to dinner on Friday for an early anniversary date and felt the favor and happiness of God on us the whole time. The hostess led us straight to the best table in the restaurant… a booth seat overlooking the lake and the lighthouse and the most beautiful sunset I have seen in ages. Afterwards, at coffee, the barista winked and gave us our drinks for free and we sat at a table-for-two and giggled like teenagers in love. Best anniversary gifts EVER.

#350. eight years of joy.

#351. anniversary skies.

I am so honored to have this man lead me through this life. He makes adventures feel God-grounded and the mundane feel like the most important and holy of tasks. He sincerely thanks me for washing dishes, caring for boys, cooking (bad) food, and vacuuming carpets. He honors me with his words (even when I’m not around!) and he is quick to serve me, making me feel like I’m the only woman in the room, always.

What more could a girl ask for??

I could fill 1000 thanks with his love alone…

…and have a hundred more of his babies. hahhaha.


14 thoughts on “eight years.

  1. you guys are honestly a couple of inspiration to me. Reading your story and following your blog for years now, you are so inspiring and a beautiful couple and family! happy anniversary!!!! ;-)

  2. Emery! I love this post so so much! Your words could be mine…(but obviously they are not)…so thanks for sharing.

    A million wonderful happy congratulation wishes to you on your 8 years of marriage to your swoon-worthy hubby!

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