Sibling Portraits, Oil on Wood.

I have two amazing older brothers.

My oldest brother, Jared, is a man of intellect and integrity. He recently applied to medical school after many years of working as a civil engineer. This courage of his speaks loudly to me… makes me remember that our days on this earth are short, and why not live them bold?

My middle brother, Jaxon, is a man of generosity and passion. He does things with paint that don’t seem humanly possible. His humility and kindness towards everyone, no matter their stature in this world, make me want to be a better person.

I love these two men dearly. Recently, my mom commissioned Jaxon to paint us three siblings so she could hang the portraits in her home. They are oil on wood, and stunning…

If you or anyone you know ever want a portrait done, I KNOW A GUY.

24 thoughts on “Sibling Portraits, Oil on Wood.

  1. i have never seen anything so exquisite in all my life. i don't know your bros but the on of you is so stinking amazing and just like you, it literally takes my breath away. most beautiful thing i've ever seen. with such a talent, i don't know how anyone can deny the existence of God!

  2. The eyes are unbelievable. You are all so beautiful too. I don't even understand how these portraits happened out of paint!? I might commission him for a CD album cover one day . . .

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