Fall Fashion Week – Thursday!

** I am very sorry that the linkytools site I have been using for our link-up has been so troublesome! Some of you have had issues linking and other times the whole thing disappears. I will try to find a more reliable service for our next fashion week! Thanks for your patience. xoxoxo **


Today was a busy day! One of the first things I had to accomplish was returning the *very* late books to the library with two boys in tow. I had to pay $19.20 in fines! hahahahaha.

oh, me.

I kept things simple since I knew I would be lugging 2-3 squirmy boys around town all day.

Headband- Gift from friend
Ears- my favorite thing about my head. (I have a thing for ears. I think girls with big ears are GORGEOUS!)
Sweater- thrifted
Backpack- vintage, thrifted
Shorts- F21
Holey Shoes- Grasshoppers by KEDS, thrifted (and missing a shoelace.)

I loved reading your stories about complimenting people yesterday. After reading some of your posts, I just wanted to run out my front door and start complementing everything that moved! haha. I actually followed a SUUUUPER cute pregnant girl around Target for a little while until I could catch up to her and tell her how beautiful she was.

Mayhaps I am being a bit too zealous with my challenge?

Mayhaps MY BUTT. This is fun!


Tomorrow is our last day!! (Pretend I am not weeping.) I have been having an insane amount of fun doing this with all you ladies this week. Again, thank you so much for being such QUALITY human beings. I adore you all.

39 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Week – Thursday!

  1. Oh my gosh! You are the cutest!! <--- I think I've said that every single day but it's so true!! Those shorts are adorable!! Great outfit, and your little backpack was a great find!

  2. I'm sad to see it end as well. What will my motivation for dressing be? :)

    I love those shorts. You look stylish and beautiful, squirmy kids and all!

  3. I am absolutely in love with those shorts! Leopard print is my fave!
    And, every time I go to the library, I end up being too busy to go back and I have to pay a bunch of fines. Every. Time.

  4. I love that your ears are your favorite part. That's just adorable. As are you!

    I think I perpetually have fines on my library card. hey, it's people like us who keep libraries funded right? :)

  5. This outfit is stunning on you. Emery, you have such a great style. I can't really pinpoint which item I love the best in this outfit. It's all perfect.

    I hate having late fee with the library, but it's totally worth it sometimes.

    I'm a little sad that fall fashion week only has a day left too. It has been great participating!

  6. I got a mental image of you dodging down aisles in Target to catch cute pregnant girl and jumping out in front of her to say, “YOU LOOK PRETTY!” Thank you. It made me chuckle, although I'm sure that wasn't what happened… in my mind it did. :)

    The whole outfit combo is pretty durn fantastic. How oh how do you find such fabulous treasures in the thrift stores? The detail on that sweater!!! You continue to amaze, beautiful lady.

  7. Adorable look, mama! Love that top and those animal print shorts. Cute story about 'stalking' the preggers…I bet she loved your comments!!

  8. Emery, has anyone told you how nice your face goes with your hair? :) Thank you for your sweet comments this week, they are very encouraging! I love the ruffles on your top, so cute.

    The library thing is funny, they were going to start charging a yearly fee at a library nearby and a friend was complaining about the $20 a year fee…I laughed and told her I'm already paying for that service 2 or 3x's over. You're just keeping those librarians employed! Have a lovely day jostling sweet boys!

  9. such a cute outfit! i love that top. and i love that you love big ears! i have a thing for gap-teeth. oh my. i seriously considered asking my orthodontist to give me one! haha.

  10. Emery, stop being so adorable. Every time I think you can't get cuter, LOOK AT YOU!
    sweater – perfect.
    Shorts – perfect.
    hair,headband,and those lil ears – perfect!
    Shoes – perfect!

  11. How funny! I bet the pregnant girl was so happy that you were so zealous. I know it would have made my day!

    Amazing outfit, as always… That backpack is incredible. I want one! Also, I think you've inspired enough confidence in me to wear a headband. I've felt so silly wearing them before that I just take them off.

  12. haha yes…I was complimenting everyone…and it is so funny to see peoples face…OBVIOUSLY we don't do it enough when they think you are actually mocking them..why is it so hard for us to take a compliment! haha Love this…and I am also sad this will be ending…but so happy I have gotten to meet so many wonderful ladies!!

    Loving those shorts!!!

    Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

  13. So cute! I especially love love love the backpack. What an awesome thrifty find! You always inspire me to think outside of my sporty mom clothes.

  14. I think your comment about big ears is very intriguing. I have ears that are big and I am still learning to live with them. I love those shorts and that little backpack is just too cute.

  15. mmm, this outfit is picture perfect. I love your little shorts!
    and I love the challenge you put forth to us too… I really have been trying to find opportunities to give people compliments of some sort, whether it be on their looks and clothes, or something deeper. Last night at our small group I told a new girl that she had beautiful hair and she looked so surprised and said she doesn't usually get compliments! How sad. It made me want to compliment as many people as I can. :)

  16. So cute! This is my favorite outfit all week that you have posted (and the other ones were great too!) I will not be posting tonight because my two year old needs all my attention (although I am taking a minute to comment!) but that's okay — I will post tomorrow. Just participating for fun anyway. Thanks for setting this up Emery!

  17. Heh, I am pretty convinced by now that you could be wearing a trash bag and somehow make it look fashionable. I love how you can pull off so many different styles! :)

  18. i have to admit, i'm kinda excited to meet someone who has outfined me at the library…haa! [speaking of which, i wonder when my library books are due…]
    this outfit is fantastic. love your lacey sweater. and your hair looks adorable like that. you and your ears are gorgeous.

  19. I didn't blog about it but I've been handing out (meaningful, mind you) compliments like candy. And it gives me energy each time. I feel like I'm a ball of love that's growing and growing… All from fashion week!
    And yes, I agree. Ears are just about the most beautiful thing on a woman (the more they stick out, the better). It makes them/us look elfish or fairish. Which is just how you always look. Like a darling fairy. Especially with a headband like that.
    And those shorts just made you the coolest mom this side of the equator. And the other.

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