Fall Fashion Week – Wednesday!

I woke up this morning feeling like a gypsy at heart- a nomad girl hungry for movement- so I dressed the part.

Headpiece- altered fascinator from Ross
Dress- willow & clay from 1/2 of 1/2 Name Brand Clothing
Cardigan- thrifted
Flipflops- Target

My results for the challenge from yesterday: While out & about I saw a woman with her brand new baby. We chatted for a bit about her little guy and then I told her that she looked really amazing and that I could just see the love she had for her baby all over her face, that she was glowing! She seemed really touched by the compliment and I was reminded that beauty really has nothing to do with the clothes we wear or the condition our bodies are in. This woman was giddy and in love and proud of her new son and she just beamed joy! I honestly don’t even remember what she was wearing… her beauty came from a deeper place.

Did any of you get a chance to step out of your comfort zones and compliment someone yesterday? Tell us about it if you did! :)

There are only two days left! Join in if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it! :)

33 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Week – Wednesday!

  1. So in love with this. Best ever. I love your story. People get too caught up in appearance that they tend to lose sight of what is real beauty. I love that you can't even remember what she was wearing. I did not get a chance to do this but I am shy when out and about.

  2. CUTE dress Emery! I love it. And there's that head piece again! Love that thing. Last time we did this you wore and I remember thinking to myself that I'd make one and I never did. Now I will! You are always so cute and you can wear anything!

  3. You are the cutest little gypsy. :) I like your altered headpiece – and how Tru snunk into the picture.

    I tried to tell a few bloggers yesterday how much fun it was to meet them, but I want to continue the compliment challenge for the rest of the week. (and month and year!)

  4. I love your story! And what a mouthful you said there, “beauty really has nothing to do with the clothes we wear or the condition our bodies are in.” Now I'm feeling even more inspired to compliment, compliment, compliment and not just on clothes.

    That dress is the ultimate in Gypsy chic. But, you too my dear, have an inner light that outshines the dress. Thank you so much for hosting this fun week and for encouraging us all to take all this love to the streets.

  5. Oh my gosh, I am IN LOVE with that outfit! It's beautiful!!

    I love the bohemian look and sometimes, it works for me, and sometimes, it doesn't, so I can't wear it all the time. LOVE it on you today, though!

    To be honest, I didn't make it out of the house, yesterday, but I did compliment someone's pic online who wasn't doing the challenge.


  6. I love your dress, so adorable.

    I've been trying to say something kind to everyone…these ladies are so beautiful and stylish! Personally my head has been inflated to the size of a good year blimp from all the sweet word!

  7. Love, love that dress. And your headpiece. You pull of that gypsy look so wonderfully.
    The words you spoke are so beautiful and I just love how you are encouraging us to see all beauty. Thanks for the challenge and inspiration.

  8. I did not leave my house yesterday, so instead I had to compliment folks via the World Wide Webs.

    It wasn't the same.

    I'll try harder today.

    Also? You are just so lovely. I am often amazed at your depth and maturity (since you're just a teeny tiny newborn baby!)

    x's and o's

  9. That dress is adorable and looks so comfortable. I love maxi dresses. They are perfect for moms…long enough that we can chase our kids and roll around the floor without exposing anything, super comfortable and cute.

    And way to go complementing a stranger yesterday. I am sure it made her day.

  10. i love this dress and wish i was tall enough for one myself!
    and, btw: the atlantic-pacific comment totally made my day. she's amazing!

  11. Emery – I love the gypsy look. Also, though I am not participating this year (want to see the four outfits that fit my enormous belly?), one of the things that I have taken from Fashion Week is that I do complement strangers now on a fairly regular basis. It's actually the best thing I've taken from participating in the past.

  12. I love your gypsy look! I wish I had enough maxi dresses to wear them more often–they are so comfy but look so put together at the same time :)

  13. LOVE that headband. you look beautiful. and your story was inspiring… it's sad that compliments are such a rarity {outside of the blogging world, ha!}

  14. Your smile could melt a pint of ice cream in 2 seconds.
    And I STILL love that headband. I wannnnnt one.
    You and your gorgeous, hippie, flowingness…..You will never fail to inspire me.

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