Fall Fashion Week – Tuesday!

This morning the weather was wonderful, so after Ezra went off to school me and the two littles tumbled out into the backyard and got lost for hours in our own ways.

I read and sipped coffee while Myer played in the dirt and buried cars. Truman napped like a champ and the crisp breeze called for a blanket to cocoon myself up in.

Why do I start my mornings in any other way? And why do I constantly forget that beauty can be found ANYWHERE… even in a tiny backyard in the middle of oklahoma?

I’m learning to see with new eyes.

Anywho, this is what I wore the rest of the day:

Hat- thrifted
Top- vintage nordstroms thrifted
Necklace- gift from friend
Shorts- thrifted
Belt- thrifted
Backpack- thrifted
Knee-highs- TJ Maxx
Shoes- Report from Ross

This week so far has been so so great, thanks to you all.

Here’s a challenge for you… now that we’re in the groove of complimenting one another and brightening each other’s days… try applying it to the people around you too! Step out and compliment someone (or multiple people!) that you come in contact with during your day today, and then tell us about your experience in your next outfit post!

Truman is excited about this challenge, can you tell? haha.

35 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Week – Tuesday!

  1. It can be so easy to forget to pay attention to everyday beauty. I often find myself holding out for the big moments. How much greater would life be if we didn't wait?!

    By the way, love that top. What an incredible thrifting find!

  2. Wow! This is my favorite from you so far this week!! I love, love, love, that cute little backpack! And the lace with the shorts, and high stockings! I love it all! Super cute!

    Is Truman sitting on his own?! He is adorable!

  3. Did I tell you that I'm reading One Thousand Gifts? And that it's changing my world??? And I too am learning to see with new eyes. I'm super excited about that book. And I LOVE that top. I want it. It's perfect with shorts. You look absolutely adorable. As usual!

  4. glad to see someone [else] doing knee-high with shorts…something i've been meaning to, but not quite brave enough to try.

    also, truman is a complete doll. i don't know that i've ever seen such a bright-eyed little kiddo. =)

  5. Oh man! This is my favorite outfit of yours, so far. I love all the little details about it: lacy top, long necklace, shorts with knee highs, how the straps of your backpack are a little reminiscent of suspenders… it all works together so well.

    Thanks for the challenge – I'm going to try to keep it in mind throughout the day.

  6. Please forgive me for cheating today. I posted what I wish I was wearing! I promise I'll post what I'm really wearing either later today or tomorrow. Well, not what I'm wearing right this second since it's an old pair of leggings and a work out shirt, but something cute that's hanging in the closet. Thanks for doing this again! I definitely need the fall inspiration for getting dressed!
    Oh, and you look amazingly wonderful, btw. I love how real AND cute you look every day!

  7. This outfit is super cute. I love the top the most. It's so girly!!

    I love that you were able to go out into nature and take in all of the beauty. It truly is a great way to start any day.

  8. I'm in love with this look! It's my favorite of the week, hands down. All the details are perfect. The lace top, the ultra high socks, the fabulous hat. You, my dear, are the ultimate.

  9. ahh, what a lovely start to the day! makes me want to grab a blanket and run outside. love your lacey top and knee highs. such a hot mama.

  10. Emery Jo, your shirt/suspenders/shorts and backpack have stolen my heart. I don't know how I can live without (something like) them! So great. My favorite of the day. :)

  11. Love your ensembles today and previous! Great hat!! And being outdoors is just magical for everyone … must be the fresh air.

    BTW – I wanted to join your linky today but have tried half a dozen times and get an error when I click the linky. Think it might have a glitch? I'll try again from another computer …

    Maegan :)

  12. Could you be any cuter?! Love those knee socks. This is a great outfit! And love, love that picture of Truman. And I love that you pose in your living room because I love looking at it. So dreamy.

  13. I'm in love with your top! I adore lace but I don't have anything with lace. Your backyard looks inviting, I hope you enjoyed your day!

  14. What a great challenge. I love this idea. And I love your outfit today. I'm a big fan of dressing up shorts and the lacy detail of the shirt is beautiful

  15. What an adorable outfit….I Love! Your background is beautiful too with the vintage chairs and the train case on the floor.

    I'm new here but I like what I see…hope you will stop by and visit my blogs too!

    Lucky 7 Design
    Mama J and Her Fashionistas

  16. HOW?! HOOOOWWWW do you always look so amazing? You switch up your look like a chameleon but you amaze each and every day. You look like you could be going to a british tea party in the 20s + horse racing + walking the catwalk

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