Fall Fashion Week – Monday!

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of fun activity for my husband’s 30th birthday and my Mother-in-Law’s birthday, which is only 3 days after his!

(and by “whirlwind of activity”, I pretty much mean I have eaten enough brownies and cupcakes to kill a small horse.)

I wore this outfit during the madness so I could chase three little boys and bake cupcakes and try to keep the house somewhat nice during all the commotion.

Lovely chaos!

jacket- Forever21
Camisole- gift from my mama
Owl necklace- vintage thrifted
Belt- gift from my friend Joel
Jeans- Old man Levi wranglers, thrifted
Flipflops- Target

I am having so much fun checking out all of your pictures! You guys are such a wonderful bunch… I am honored to have you participating this week. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and support that are floating all around this corner of the internet… you really class the joint up.


Remember, it’s never too late to join in the fun!!

31 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Week – Monday!

  1. I love the jeans! So great with the more femme aspects of the outfit.

    To answer your question on my last post, the shoes are Nine West. I couldn't finish posting my outfit details because I was on my brother's tablet, which was limiting. I've updated the post from my compy.

  2. I should just prepare my jaw-dropped face ahead of time when I'm about to open your blog page. It's always the same reaction whether you're dressed up or down. I swear you can pull off any style!

  3. i know i'm a big old party pooper for not joining in, but just wanted you to know how much i'm enjoying the fashion show:) maybe one year i can get my act together, but until then i shall live vicariously through ya'll!

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