Fall Fashion Week – Saturday!

Aaaaand, they’re off!

Here’s my first outfit for the week:

So… does it look like I am trying to camouflage myself into my own living room?

Did any of you ever get traumatized watch that scary movie from the 80’s called “When A Stranger Calls Back?”. I’m the brick wall guy! boo!!!

(Apparently I dress like my house. hahahahaa.)

Hat- vintage, thrifted
bow- vintage, thrifted with clip glued on back
Cardigan- Forever21
Dress- Vintage, thrifted
Shoes- dolce vita from Ross

Now it’s your turn!! Enter the link to your specific Saturday outfit post below, and then make sure to check out everyone else’s looks and leave them some (sweet & lovely) feedback!

Can’t wait to see you Fall fashionistas!

24 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Week – Saturday!

  1. hello! i'm your newest follower. :) i remember seeing this last year, but i didn't have a blogger account, and i was super pregnant, so i opted not to participate. but i am this year!

    i really love your hat!

  2. chiming in on the hat love here! Woop, and the darling tyra over the shoulder pose- perfection. Also, I know the linky closes soon but my photo wouldn't upload, said error over and over :(

    So excited for this week! Thank you so much for hosting this!

  3. colleen and AnieLii – I am so sorry!! I don't know what's going on, it seems the linky website is freaking out. Your entries will be included for the drawing and I will try to add your posts when things are working properly again!

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