2011 Fall Fashion Week – Join Us!

205. To church!  #1000thanks

Hooray!! It’s time for another fashion week here on ‘moms are for everyone’! I haven’t done one in awhile due to being large preggo and then having a newborn around, but Fall is my favorite fashion season and I am ready to jump back in!

I’m so excited to host this again and I can’t wait to see your favorite fall looks this year!

Here are the ground rules for those of you who are new to the game:

1. Snap pictures of your snazzy Fall looks starting September 24th. (Or, you could start snapping pictures NOW so you will have a plethora to choose from by the time Fall Fashion week rolls around!) On the 24th, post your first look on your blog.

2. Come back here on Saturday, September 24th. On that day, you will find a link list that you can plug your specific Saturday fashion post info into so that everyone can see that you’ve participated for that day. There will be separate link lists for each day. Each list will compile all the links together for each day so we can see everyone who is participating in one place! (Please share the link to your specific day’s post, not the link to your general blog!)

3. Repeat for each day of the week! For each day you participate, your name will be entered into a drawing for a fun giveaway at the end of the seven days!

(This is all just a ploy for me to be able to say THANK YOU for all your continued support and readership here on my bloggity blog. I just adore you guys and am so thankful for all your encouragement throughout the years!)

4. Lastly, TELL ALL YOUR BLOG BUDDIES! Spread the news! The more people we have joining in the fun, the better it will be! Pencil it in your calendars and then go shout it from your rooftop. (Because that wouldn’t be awkward AT ALL.)

Here’s a small button for any of you who want to start spreading the word… (Just copy and paste that HTML code into your sidebar.)

Or, here’s the code for a BIGGER version if you’d like to do a separate post (like this one) to spread the word:

I’m so excited to do this again with you guys.

So… are you in?! Let me know if you’re in! And then, start spreading the word! We’ve got two and a half weeks before our start date… I can’t wait! :)

20 thoughts on “2011 Fall Fashion Week – Join Us!

  1. Yay for fashion week. I'll even be working that week so I'll be out of my mom clothes – which will make this much more fun.

  2. I am for sure in again for round 2! My posts will be SO different from last year as I don't live in Southern California by the beach anymore but in INDIA!!! Really excited to see everyone participating again!

  3. Very excited for this (to be honest, I've already started thinking of what I'll wear :) This will be my first fashion anything!!

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