I Took on Too Much Today.

bubbles! OF TERROR! hahaha.

I took on way too much today.

I didn’t really mean to, it just all kind of… happened. TODAY.

It all started with a trip to the grocery store early this morning after Ezra was at school. We needed one of everything… you know how it goes… and I had an infant strapped to my chest and a 2 year old in the cart who has recently moved beyond “challenging” into the realms of “batpoop crazy”.

We had to walk down every isle. And then I had to go back down a couple that I somehow missed things on, all while listening to the constant badgering from a certain 2 year old about the “tiny batteries” that I promised to buy him for his train.

(I fear I may have post-traumatic stress over the “tiny battery” torture that I endured this morning. If I ever hear the words “tiny batteries” again, I’m just going to scream and run with no preface whatsoever. Just so you know.)

Anywho, we did mostly OK in the store, despite stumbling upon the WORLD’S! SLOWEST! BAGGER! at the checkout, when I was mere inches from the finish line. She was as sweet as could be, and I really did appreciate her taking such care with my grocery items, but also? This baby ain’t gettin’ any lighter and this 2 year old ain’t gettin’ any quieter sweetheart. JUST THROW THE STUFF IN THE BAGS. I AM REALLY OK WITH MY BREAD ITEMS TOUCHING MY FROZEN ITEMS RIGHT NOW.

(Heck, I would have been okay with my food items touching my poison items at that point, hahaha.)

MYER: “Where’s my TINY BATTERIES go mama??”

ME: *eye twitch*

So, I get all the (perfectly bagged!) groceries home and as I’m pulling into the driveway I remember the thing I always forget. I have to bring all this stuff inside somehow.

I realize that there are probably a few people out there who don’t own a gaggle of children who are thinking in their perfectly coiffed heads, “…and?”

These are the people who have never had to juggle a sleeping infant in a carseat and a loud child or two in the other seats and a car full of frozen items that are quickly becoming baked items in the 111 degree heat and the concern over if a policeman happened to drive by and one’s kids were all still strapped in the car while one was lugging armful after armful of groceries inside, how much time would one serve, exactly? And would the jail cell be relatively quiet where one could potentially hear one’s own thoughts without having to maintain banter about “tiny batteries” for hours at a time?

Hmmm…… Wait. Why do I suddenly hear a ukulele playing in my head?

I leave the kids in the running car and bring in the endless bags. Then I bring in the children. Then I put everything away while also making lunch and setting up the pottytraining stuff and feeding the baby.

THEN I remember to go turn the car off. hahaha.

That brings me to THING TWO. Myer finally expressed an interest in potty training today. I was not about to let that opportunity slip through my fingers, so I girded my loins and pulled the dusty potty chair out into the living room. I set out juice boxes and fun Lightning McQueen undies and crazy straws and M&M’s, and I dug in my heels.

Things were going great! For about… 20 minutes.

He went potty once after much coaxing, and was excited about the progress, but then something shut down in him. He wanted NOTHING to do with the potty after that.

What is a mother to do? Do you strong-arm your way through toward the goal? Do you give in the a child’s desires and slap the diaper back on?

I tried the strong-arm approach.

I… pretty much lost. To a two-year-old. He’s waaay too strong for me to fight right now.

After dragging a second “potty success” out of the child this evening, I checked my energy reserves. The tank was completely empty, and I had just fed Myer a half pound of M&M’s right in the middle of dinner, just so he would stop freaking out and pee into a green plastic frog.

Not my finest parenting moment, let’s just say that.

Oh, and THING THREE: I took all three kids to the library in there somewhere. I can’t remember how it all worked out logistically. It’s all a blur at this point.

So… yeah. I took on too much today.

Thank the sweet Lord Jesus that tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I plan to stay in my jammies and change lots and lots of glorious diapers. That sounds like *heaven on earth* right about now, it really does. haha.

10 thoughts on “I Took on Too Much Today.

  1. My 2 year old sounds like yours. I thought he was ready but I have since decided he is not and I'm not going to stress about it. He will do it in time. My eldest just did it himself really by this age so I was comparing them a bit too much I think. I'll try again soon as it would be easier not having to change 2 babies bum's.

    I know what you mean about the shopping. I leave the kids strapped him, leg it in the house with all the shopping, then bring them in. Otherwise the 2 year old would either attack the baby or run out the house!

    I also made the mistake of telling my 2 year old that we were going to see some fish the following day. All night he shouted out about seeing fish and the following day he went on and on about seeing fish until we finally got there at about 3pm!! Never doing that again.

    I love reading your blog as you write down how I feel in a much better way than I ever could.

    Keep up the good work, I know how full on it is with 3 little boys. It looks like you are doing a fab job. x

  2. I absolutely wait with baited breath for each new post from you, Emery. You are such a great writer, an on point parenting observationist, and you are adorable to boot. Keep on keepin' on! Love you!

  3. Hi! I've visited your blog a few times before, but never commented….I usually feel like someone 'gets it' after I've read through your post – and this one…is EXACTLY what I feel like while grocery shopping! You've put it into words and I think I'm going to make my husband read it :) He just doesn't get it ;) Thanks for the laugh!!

  4. THank you for that. I laughed SO HARD! And during a stressful afternoon, I needed a laugh. I have 0 children, I go to the grocery store, or target with a list, and I manage to forget some crucial item EVERY TIME!!!

  5. You are such a great writer, and you crack me up! I am laughing at your expense, and I am sorry, but days like these, are the ones that make you stronger! You are such a great mom and your words and pictures show it.

  6. Okay. Seriously. the *eye twitch*….every mother of a toddler in the entire world knows that eye twitch.
    I laugh every time I think about it.
    Love it .

  7. This cracked me up! I am always afraid I'm going to get an earful from someone about leaving my kid strapped into the locked car for the two minutes it takes to return the cart to the corral or to get the groceries inside. How else are we supposed to do it?

    Also, I tell my friends without kids that you cannot try and do more than three things in a day once you have kids. It's not possible if you want to stay sane. Three simple things tops.

  8. I've been horribly remiss in keeping up with your blog. Which is silly, on my end, because simply put…you inspire me. Your posts remind me that I'm not alone in all my “mothergult” (love that phrase!), in all my glorious imperfections. I admire you greatly for being able to put into words what so many of us feel. Thank you! Now, off to catch up on the rest of your posts I've missed. It's like a “moms are for everyone” lovefest here today:)


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