Grain by Grain.

Joy is buried down in gratitude, like a treasure chest in the sand.

Some days I find it, this treasure that is rightfully mine. I get down on my knees and dig down into thankfulness until I strike it. The feel of it surprises me every time. Other days I cower in the shade and complain that the sand is too hot… the labor too demeaning… the treasure too deep. The joy is there right under my nose… I choose not to see.

Every single breath, every day of good health, every time my husband bends to kiss my neck… these are things in which I am learning to see God’s extravagant goodness.

Grain by grain, a slow and steady unearthing.

Lord, help me to keep digging. Grain by grain. No matter what. No matter where. For all the days of my life.

14 thoughts on “Grain by Grain.

  1. Have you listened to your song “The Weight of Joy” recently? This post reminded me of it….and it's one of my personal favorites of yours. God's faithful pursuit to
    give you some joy.

  2. Um, ya, I've been a 'lurker' for awhile now… Thanks a LOT… Im bawling. WHERES THE JOY NOW!?!? WHERE?!?!?! ;) Kidding of course, thanks for always keeping things in such humble perspective. Its so rare to catch a glimpse of a heart so beautiful these days. xo

  3. I seriously need to come see those little tykes, they are all growing too fast….beautifully written, keep in digging yes indeed! Much love!!!

  4. that is such a vivid mental picture… thank you for challenging me to get out of the shade a little today.

  5. Hi Emery Jo,

    Just a quick note to say that the Cheer laundry detergent team loves your blog! We’d be pleased to have you join our blogger outreach program. If you’d be interested, please shoot me a quick email at Cheer And for more info.

    Best regards,
    Khara on behalf of P&G/Cheer

  6. Emery, I just love you. I had forgotten about your blog for awhile and I've just read the latest posts and I'm already a pile of mush. I'm kicking myself for forgetting about your blog for even a day. You are so inspiring and honest and real and you make us all feel more sane becuase of your transparency. THAT, my friend, will be a treasure stored up for you in your future life. I'm saying thanks now. xoxo

  7. Maybe it is fate, but I read this post, got a joy refresher, then stepped outside to my Texas front yard to be greeted with the same beautiful orange sky you photographed. Thanks for even getting me to look up and notice it!

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