Four Months.

He is FOUR months old now, and the absolute sweetest and easiest baby to ever flop around on the face of this earth. He already has two (almost three/four?) teeth. He sleeps 10+ hours a night. (I poop you not.) He smiles and laughs and nurses like a champ.

It’s so true what they say about the third, though… they just kind of have to learn to go with the flow. I feel like every single time this poor babe falls asleep, I have to wake him up and plop him in his car seat so I can go get or drop off one of his brothers somewhere! Although, maybe this is why he is sleeping so much at night? If so, I’ll take it!! :)

He hardly EVER poops, just like Ezra when he was a baby. He’ll go daaaaaays without any action. The doctors just say he is very “efficient”. He’s using everything that he is getting. He’s Truman, the amazing poopless baby!

He only gets bathed once every coupla weeks. hahahaha. Mama has her hands full right now. Baby wipes sponge baths will just have to do! Yet he still somehow manages to smell like heaven…

His brothers adore him. And why shouldn’t they? They are the only ones who can get little Tru to laugh. This has endeared him to his brothers like nothing else. Ezra and Myer are proud to be the sole giggle-getters in the household. They wear his laughter like a shiny badge.

I am becoming more comfortable in my role as a mother of three boys. Most days by 7:00pm I am way past “done” and working on “burnt” or maybe “charred”, but I feel like we have mostly hit the ground running without any tragic hiccups to speak of. We even GO places and survive! VICTORY! What it practically looks like is this: Truman in the sling, Myer walking or in the umbrella stroller, and Ezra opening all the doors for me like a little gentleman. My boys are usually very well behaved, and so things usually go pretty smoothly when we’re out & about. :)

(I stole this pic from my friend Harmony who we got to go see in Kansas City last week for my birthday! squeeee!)

I am loving the “all boys” dynamic we have going on right now, and I am feeling more and more sure that the hard work I am doing here day in and day out, though it feels mind-numbing and soul-draining at times, has more eternal value and worth than I may EVER be able to grasp or understand. And yet… I don’t believe that means I shouldn’t try to grasp it, that I shouldn’t try to understand it.

I have been working on being thankful for what I have, for finding the eternal in the seemingly mundane. I mean, surely God is as much in the Grand Canyon as He is in the view from my kitchen sink, right? This practicing gratitude is bringing me surprising amounts of joy. I started reading the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp, and recommend it highly. It’s been like a breath of fresh air to this parched heart of mine. Go get your hands on it, I know you will love it too.


14 thoughts on “Four Months.

  1. Love to see that you're doing well– you go, girl :) That last photo is adorable; Chris's T looks like Oaklahoma is pointing at you, like “here's my wife. she is adorable.” ;)

  2. LOVE that book! Harmony and I just read through it together…and both were really moved and challenged by it. SO GOOD! :)

  3. i love this post!

    cracking up over your amazing poopless baby! too funny!

    and don't feel bad, we just did our bimonthly baths tonight, hahahaha. i figure all that swimming during the day is good enough;)

    i have my boys open doors for me too. i think it's very good for them to learn how to help us. i also have them carry diaper bags and purses and lunch bags.

  4. Love this…love all your posts! I'm always hoping I'll click here and you've written something new :) Your desire to not want to stay the same, to not want to settle is familiar and encouraging. Trying to always run after His best!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your blog.. I came across it a few weeks ago and i love getting and seeing your new posts. I am a mom of one, and one on the way. Looks like you do amazing with your 3 boys. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Cutest Family Ever! It's so cool to see God at work in you! Thank you for sharing your life and heart with us. It is a pleasure to follow along. :)

  7. That top picture of the two of you is so funny… what a face he's making!

    I love your journey of finding peace in motherhood. You're ministering to everyone who reads it, moms or not. I know it's been preparing me for when I'm a mom… thank you.

  8. Wow. I'm finally getting back to a normal life setting and catching up on all my blog reading. Congrats on the new addition. You guys are adorable as always.

  9. Thanks for the book recommendation — I raced over to my library website and requested it. From a fellow mom of three boys (and nearby in T-Town!)…

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