Catherine Gikas Photography FTW!

My amazingly talented friend Catherine Gikas came over to my house during Truman’s ‘Sip & See’ a few weeks ago and she brought her camera with her!


She disappeared with Truman for a little while, and captured some precious shots of my little week and a half old baby.

What a gift!! He’s already ginormous compared to these photos, and I am so blessed to have these itty-bitty days of his on film so I can treasure them always.

Thank you SO MUCH, Catherine… you are a stud-cadette. (Times infinity billion.)

Click here to see the pics… I looooove them!!


7 thoughts on “Catherine Gikas Photography FTW!

  1. Oh my GOSH!!! He's sooo precious. I love the pics…I still haven't seen him in person…he's too beautiful to miss out on…I'll track you down at church soon! LOL :-)

  2. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog while searching the net for anyone with the name “Myer” ..Im due in Aug with my second (a little boy) and have not fell in love with any name until i came across Myer on a babynames site..I feel like your little guy is the only Myer out there and he is adorable!! I was just curious as to where u found the name and how your family reacted at your choice because so far no one i tell the name to likes it. You have a really cute family!!! thanks for your time!

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