I got to drop off the two older boys at school this morning, so it has just been me and little Tru hanging out today.

One baby is SO easy. haha. I did not think so when I only HAD one, but I definitely think so now. Just goes to show you how you adjust to life as “mommy” over time, eh?

I drove directly to a thrift store after I dropped off Myer because it has been a very long 9 months since I last shopped for clothes for myself. Oh, how I have missed thrift store clothes shopping!! I practically ran into the store. haha.

It feels so good to be UNpregnant, and the weather is warming up, and all I wanted to do was find a cute dress that I could still nurse in and a bright colored cardigan…


I also found an amazing vintage dress, but it is not compatible with breastfeeding, so it will have to go in the closet for a while. Or, I suppose I could wear it for three hours at a time? haha.

I am thinking of setting a new hair goal for myself… possibly trying to grow it out again so that I can achieve the adorable top knot, like so:

According to my calculations, it should only take me about TWELVE YEARS to get my hair that long.


Lastly, here are my current Modcloth crushes:

i loooooove!! :)

14 thoughts on “Thrifted.

  1. Ha! I went thrifting today and totally thought of you! And also…this really weird…I wore my hair up in a knot like that while doing it. I'm not even joking.
    Isn't that crazy! We must be on some similar brain wavelength or something, lol!
    Anyhoo…um, how do you look like THAT right after giving birth for the third time. Is this your April fool's joke? Or are you distantly related to Giselle? What gives!
    So glad you got some time to do something fun for yourself. I took a five year old and two year old with me and the whole time I was thinking how I really should have gotten someone to watch them because it's impossible to really dive in and thrift with those two offering me all the help I never needed.
    Good for you, girl!

  2. Pretty, Emery!

    I was just about to ask when the next fashion week would be when I noticed your sidebar– March 29-April 4– am I missing it?

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. brittany- woah!! that dress is amazing!! We just need to get, like, three other girls to split the cost and then we'll mail it to each other so we can all take turns wearing it! Like the traveling pants.

    I call dibs on summer months!


  4. Hello there! I found you're blog in a funny way, I was searching for pictures of 15 week fetus ultrasounds and a picture of you and your cute belly ended up in the lineup. I think it was kismet as I have been wanting to expand my “mommy blog reading ” lately.
    Can I say you are absolutely adorable? I'm looking forward to reading more!

  5. Theres nothing like getting to go to the thrift store w/o kiddos or with just ONE kiddo! ;) I usually make a pit stop at the savers by my orthodontist office once a month and it's heaven! ;) You always find super cute stuff though! You're a thrifting champ.

  6. I love thrifting. Alas, it has not happened since before my daughter was born (in Feb). My oldest son (4 yr old) loves to go with me. It is one of our favorite things to do together.

  7. cuuuuute cardigan!

    and LOL about 12 yrs to grow the hair:)

    and I soooo know what you mean about only wearing certain clothes for 3 hours because then you have to wrip them off to nurse a starving impatient child. haha.

    and those sandals are cute too!

  8. Ok so when you take the baby thrifting, do you wear him in a sling? And then what do you do when you try clothes on?? I have a 9 week old and we went to a couple places yesterday but both were pretty big, like goodwill, and I could put his carseat in the shopping cart.. And I'm totally having thrifting withdrawals right now because I haven't really been in so long!!

    Your advice would be very much appreciated!

  9. jessi- i usually wear him in the sling because i don't typically try things on at the thrift stores. I've gotten good at 'eyeballing' things to see if they'll fit or not.

    On this trip though, I just kept him in his seat and plopped the seat down in the big part of the cart. he never even woke up! :)

  10. Too cute! I've never been much of a thrift store shopper, but a friend recently told me that I'm just looking in the wrong stores! She has vowed to teach me.

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