Baby Pool Winner!

I’ve been meaning to announce the winner of the fantabulous baby pool guesses! Our winner this go round was MELISSA who guessed the following:

March 9th (yep.)
7.2 oz (Truman was 7.3 oz)
19.5 inches (Truman was 20.5 inches)
Boy (ding ding!)

Soooo, she was only one ounce and one inch off! WOW! That’s some serious baby guessing accuracy.

Melissa, email me so I can get your prize to you! Congrats!


PS. I am working on Truman’s birth story, and hope to post it in the next couple of days! Stay tuned! :)

5 thoughts on “Baby Pool Winner!

  1. Hey, looky there! I won!

    I tend to have a knack with this baby guessing stuff. Maybe it will come in handy when I'm a maternity nurse (my dream job!)….working on getting back to nursing school soon.

    Thanks so much for the pool, and again, a huge Congrats to you Emery on your little doll baby. I desperately want to hold him and mush him and make cooing sounds on his yummy cheeks. He looks like he's really good for kissing, too. ;)

    Enjoy all your time with him and get as much rest as possible!

  2. so cute thought you'd like it. the baby doesn't know how to feel or react to his mom blowing her nose. my sister showed me. and truman is sooo cute and i love all the pictures with his lovey big brothers :)

  3. Truman is so regal in that swanky striped onesie! Look at that cutie! Well done Mom and Dad! Hope you are holding up well post-birth, Emery. I'm holding my 2 month old as I type remembering a trying recovery. I'm sending well-wishes your way with recovery/being a mother to THREE!!

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