38 Weeks Pregnant!

(Well, I guess I won’t technically be 38 weeks until Wednesday, but who’s counting?)

(—->ME. ME. ME. ME.<—-)

I’m still here! No baby yet, and no signs that it is coming anytime soon. This is how my back feels about that:

har har.

But seriously, I do feel grateful for these last few days I have to get things together. There are still pictures to be hung on the walls! And giant old computers to move from the baby closet! And TOILETS to clean! You know… very important, life-altering events that MUST be seen to before this baby can possibly make its entrance into our home!

My mommy is flying out on the 15th of this month to be with me for a couple of weeks as I transition from being a mother of two to a mother of THREE, and I am so excited to see her I can hardly wait!! I just hope I have a baby for her to hold by then. She came out after Myer was born, too, and pretty much saved my life. I am so grateful for her willingness to put her life on hold so that she can come help me after I push out all these babies! haha.

Thank you to all of you who have entered our Baby Pool in the post below! It has been SO fun reading all the different responses and I find myself smiling as I read through your guesses… imagining what each scenario would be like… it has been so fun! I can’t wait to see who wins!

I personally have been praying for the EXACT same stats as Mel guessed:

March 10th
6lbs 4oz (please please please)

Only time will tell! Squee! :)

10 thoughts on “38 Weeks Pregnant!

  1. Emery…you are too stinkin' cute…it should be illegal to look that good pregnant! :-)

    Hope that baby comes soon! :-)

  2. I can't stand how NOT pregnant you look. Like when a super skinny girl puts a balloon under her shirt to see what it would be like. Not fair!!! ;)

  3. You are so cute!

    Which, honestly, makes me a little angry, as *I* was the size of a Sport Utility Vehicle by 38 weeks.

    And my ankles were the exact circumference as my pre-pregnancy waist.

    I cannot WAIT to meet this baby!
    (And I think it's a girl! On Wednesday! In the evening! And you should believe me, because I'm part-witch.)

  4. …you do look really amazing, and I keep logging on to see what's happened and if you have news! I looked puffy, unwieldy, hideously unstylish, and grumpy at this point in my pregnancy- all things that I occasionally worry havn't actually reverted quite as much as they should have, 2 years after having the baby…well perhaps the puffy at least, but definitely not that stylin' anymore…!

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