36 Weeks Pregnant.

So… I thought this baby had dropped, but maybe it was just the way he or she was sitting that day because it doesn’t feel nearly as low anymore. I’ve been in a lot less discomfort the last couple of days, which has been great!! I was getting a little worried there for a minute… It felt like this little one was just going to fall right out of me. haha. Gross.

I’m seeing my midwife every Thursday from now until the baby gets here. Part of me is secretly hoping that I will go into active labor while I am already there at the office and/or driving there, because it would save me a trip and pretty much guarantee that I will make it on time.

My last labor went so quickly, I fear this baby is going to be born on the highway… eeeeep! We are as prepared for something like that as we can be- Chris knows what to do and nature pretty much takes care of the rest- but I’d really rather not have this baby in my car… it being so clean and new-ish and all. haha.

I realized the other day I should probably freshen up on my ‘Breastfeeding 101’ skillz. It’s amazing how quickly you forget all the ins and outs of something after you stop doing it all day every day. It really is the most natural thing in the world, but there is also a science to it and a determination that has to be there if you are going to be successful at it for any length of time, I think… like eating well and keeping your supply up and feeding for certain lengths on each side and knowing when you should or shouldn’t use the pump and on and on and on… I feel like I just haven’t been thinking about that whole portion of things very much this time around, and I feel less prepared right now than I was with the boys.

That has been the most challenging part of this pregnancy, I think because we haven’t found out the gender… I have felt waaaaaay less prepared in every area- from clothes to nursery to carseats, but also it has bled over into the areas of getting ready for labor and delivery and breastfeeding and baby scheduling and perhaps even preparing myself spiritually/emotionally to become a mother for the third time.

It has also been a lot harder to keep the house feeling “clean & ready” with a crazy two year old running about the place, hitting each room like a little weapon of mass destruction all day long. hehe.

I am praying that these last weeks will be ones of peaceful preparation and growing excitement to meet this little one.

After all, I don’t think I will look back on these final weeks and wish that I had spent more time cleaning or scrubbing, but that I had spent more time preparing my heart for this perfectly timed miracle that’s on its way to join our family and our journey, you know? Becoming a mother again is ALWAYS an intense experience for a woman’s heart, even if it is her third or fourth or sixteenth time around…

16 thoughts on “36 Weeks Pregnant.

  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! You look adorable & I am sure everything will come right back to you as soon as you have your sweet new baby in your arms :)
    Good luck :)

  2. i just love your blog. i came across it recently and have yet to skip a day to see if new posts are up :). you look fantastic pregnant by the way — amazing!

  3. That's the cutest little prego bump ever. You look amazing pregnant. I'm sure, you're ready to get back to your “normal” self. But you're just beautiful.

  4. You are like the cutest pregnant lady, ever. I love that little bump! You know that God will take care of everything. But peace to you and your family anyway =]

  5. I could only PRAY for such quick deliveries as you've had! Not finding out the sex hasn't been hard for me YET, But i'm sure when we get closer to the end, it will be killing me!

    You look great girl.

  6. You are darling. I've been reading (stalking) your blog for some time, and I have to say that you seem like such a lovely person.

    I only have two children, but I remember having similar feelings before the birth of my daughter, last year. I did so much in the way of birth, home, and mental preparation before my first (son) was born. With the second (daughter), I either didn't have the time/energy or I just secretly knew that I was better equipped to handle it that time around.

    I remember, just before my daughter's birth, feeling both scared that I wasn't prepared enough and relieved that I hadn't stressed so much over preparation…if that makes sense.

    All of this to say…you're certainly not alone. It will all come together for you. Congrats and best wishes to your growing (and adorable!) family.


  7. Love your blog! How do you manage to stat so positive while pregnant? I feel so depressed (currently 34 weeks). This is my second pregnancy, and I'm smaller his time around and developing streth marks. It's making it hard to enjoy being pregnant, gives me horrible anxiety. Any advice?

  8. It's so easy to get overcome with all the everythings, isn't it?
    But just take a second and remember back to all those times when God swooped in and handled everything perfectly. How He filled in the blanks, and poured grace and mercy and strength and wisdom all over you every time you needed it.

    Good news, mama. He's going to do all of that again! Rest on it.


    Your glowy radiance is slammin', yo.

  9. you are looking great, you are all belly. i don't know how you do it with 2 other little ones running around.
    i hope you have some peace and quiet and that all goes well.

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