Braxton Hicks and Going Bonkers.

(Photo by my Husband.)
I think it should be called “Determination”.
Or… “Somebody Go Buy that Tiny White Boy a Belt”.

I’ve been experiencing my first ever Braxton Hicks contractions and they are making me feel totally CRAZY. I’ve never had a contraction that wasn’t part of actual labor, so these “fakey” contractions are messing with my head. I’ve been cleaning the house and packing my hospital bag and washing all the baby clothes and pacing the floors and getting everything ready because I feel like labor is eminent, when really I have a MONTH left to go until my due date.

I’m feeling super anxious, which is not like me at all. I am really trying to calm myself down and tell myself to breathe, but I feel like I am on edge ALL the time!! I wish I could just sleep the rest of this month away. This pregnancy has been SO different than my first two, it’s wild!

Today, I woke up and my whole body looked strange when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The baby seems to have dropped plunged, like, to SEA LEVEL, while I was sleeping, and now the pain and discomfort down low is so intense, I can’t even imagine having to waddle around like this for another month. THREE people stopped me while I was out running errands today and asked if this baby was “on its way”.

God, give me peace. And patience! And a fast forward button!


One thing that has really been helping with the discomfort are ‘pelvic rocks’. That’s where you get on your hands and knees and slowly arch and curve your lower back for about 10 or 15 minutes. It works like magic when I am feeling achy and sore. Also, Chris has been helping by giving me ‘hip squeezes’, where he firmly squeezes the top bones of my hips while I lean forward and relax. It helps open up my pelvis and alleviates a lot of pressure on my lower back. You preggo ladies out there should definitely try both of these exercises… they are amazing!

I FINALLY bought a little bitty girl coming-home outfit today. It’s already washed and folded and in my hospital bag, along with an itty bitty boy outfit. I also picked up some nursing-friendly PJs for the hospital and everything else that I’ll need for our stay there.

You see? I’m going bonkers over here.

I think I need to take up a new hobby or something. I need to find something to distract me from bouncing off of my walls. Maybe I’ll delve into the world of bird watching or woodworking! Or perhaps I’ll start painting country scenes on grains of rice!

For now, I am going to go work on my thumb twiddling. And pelvic rocks. And chocolate eating.


16 thoughts on “Braxton Hicks and Going Bonkers.

  1. The baby might be coming sooner than you think! I dropped and had my little girl the next day. Not that you will have yours the next day but usually on your third when you drop, its soon!

  2. Gah, Braxton Hicks are crazy. I had them for months with my first, and they just got stronger and stronger. I was told that I “would know” when it was the real thing. Turns out, not really, since my contractions were never consistent.

  3. Ooooh, I remember those last few (miserable) weeks. Sorry, girl!

    Dave used to stand behind me and literally “pick up” my belly… taking the weight of my baby off me for just a second. It was heaven.

  4. Look at Ezra! What a cutie!
    Wishing you peace at the end of your preggo journey…and excitement and joy as you take off into the great beyond of mother-of-three-hood.

  5. Me thinks baby #3 might be coming sooner than expected! Congrats. Can't wait to meet him or her (via the interwebz, of course)!

  6. I'm also wondering if maybe you will go into labor sooner than later. I gave birth 6 weeks early with my little one — and he came the day after I 'dropped'. Who knows — in any case, good luck & hope you get a little rest :)

  7. Want picture… maybe a “before” and “after” of this dropping business. I am 34 weeks and want to know what to look for : )

  8. I'm right there with you. I have 3 weeks left and I just might lose my mind. I'm trying to keep busy and mind off the new baby. Hugs to you, this time will fly by. :)

  9. i had major braxton hicks when i was pregnant with Lily. funny, i thought every pregnant woman had them…
    i think the photo should be called “white boy CAN jump!”. ;)

  10. Not looking forward to that! I just know my husband's going to freak out towards the end :) And I LOVE the pelvic rocks — I still have 4+ months to go, yet this baby is doing everything it can to push it's way to comfort!

  11. I am right there with you too. Braxton Hicks are a mean way to make you more anxious then you already are. This is my 2nd and I am due 3/19. I too haven't found out what I am having and am driving myself bonkers with “symptoms!” Good Luck. I am off to the DR… hopefully he will have some news for me.

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