Apples & Owls.

the beginnings of our gender neutral nursery….
Thanks to all of your input, the armoire was purchased and brought home! I am SO excited that we got it… it’s the most amazing piece of furniture ever!! Chris already sanded parts of it down and re-finished it and built a new magnetic latch for the door. We’re going to put some shelves in the tall side eventually- and all of baby’s clothes and blankets and burp cloths will have a place to live now! Yipee!!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but the nesting instinct has hit me like a freight train already. It seems so early! Maybe it’s the fact that we already have pretty much everything we need at our disposal, so it has been much less daunting. It’s more like ‘rearranging’ this time than revamping an entire room.

SO nice.

All of the owl stuff is still up and around from when this room was Myer’s nursery, but I will probably change some of it out once we get closer to having the baby, or maybe after the baby is born. I’m thinking that if it’s a girl, it would be fun to incorporate a sweet apple motif into the room. (Although, I guess that could possibly work for a boy too?) I think an apple themed nursery has some serious CUTE potential. Besides, I’ve been craving apples during this entire pregnancy, AND I have very fond memories of this toy from when I was little:

The Fisher Price 1972 Happy Apple chime toy! Do any of you remember this from growing up? Or am I dating myself? Actually, it was my oldest brother Jared’s toy. I wasn’t even BORN until nineteen-eighty-mumble

Anywho, as I was getting the crib all situated today, it really hit me. We’re having another baby! The moment that brought this reality home to me was when I was moving the crib mattress from the lowest setting back up to the highest setting again. I don’t know why, but it’s like it all suddenly sunk in, and I felt so happy!

And then, today at church, there was a moment during worship when I sat down (due to GIRTH issues, you understand) and I rested my hand on my belly and instantly heard a voice in my mind saying, “I am so excited about this child!” And I just knew that it was God speaking to me about this baby and I felt completely overwhelmed with His love. It was one of the sweetest ‘God moments’ of my life, and all it took was a single sentence! God has this amazing way of knowing exactly what we need to hear, doesn’t He?

I’ll never forget it.

14 thoughts on “Apples & Owls.

  1. you need to write that on a paper that God said that to you and frame it and put it in the room, above the crib (not above the head, of course) b ut you know what i mean

  2. So I have to tell you- my momma and I were doing some grocery shopping this evening and I saw an ADORABLE little girl in the STRAWBERRY hat and outfit! And I turned to tell my momma a synopsis of your blog about the outfit and she was smiling and pointing to the cutie to show me!

    I had to share. :D

  3. Yes, I had one of those apples. I was born in 76 and my sister was born in 72, so I am not sure if it was hers or mine but I definitely remember having one!!

  4. My 15 mo old baby boy inherited my husband's Happy Apple (MIL was wise enough to save it – still in great condition). Gavin loves it! I do, too. It has a really pretty chime sound and is super sturdy. You should get one!

  5. instead of seeing it as a boys room i see it as very much a gender neutral room, i think its got the perfect backdrop to decorate accordingly when you find out the gender. you can easily add either more boys OR girls touches to finish off this room and it will look amazing either way. if it is a girl it will benefit from looking like a cool girls room (once the correct accents are added in shades of pink or purple maybe) instead of an overly girly girl room like many girls rooms are. it will just have edge, class. dont you worry its so adorably cute and perfect the way it is.

  6. thank you, anonymous number TWO. I think it's perfect the way it is so far too.

    I personally don't like girl's rooms that look like a pink princess tornado hit them. Once we know what we're having, we'll go from there. :)

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