The Return of the Ring.

My husband took my wedding ring in to get fixed before Christmas and he just went and picked it back up a couple of days ago. It has been exactly one year since the stone fell out into my hand and I had to slide this ring off of my finger until we could get it worked on. Now, it is cleaner and more sparkly than I have EVER seen it before… it looks brand new even though it has been around since the 1920’s!

I could not love this ring more if I tried. And to think, I lost it down a nasty sink drain at the restaurant I was working at in California not even A WEEK after I had been married! hahaha.

Oh, me.

I’m so grateful that it was rescued back then, and that I didn’t lose the stone when it fell out this time around. What a miracle!! I want to keep this ring (and the promises wrapped up inside of it) forever and ever and ever.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, honey! I feel whole again!


11 thoughts on “The Return of the Ring.

  1. Such a pretty ring!! Love it!

    I can totally relate! My wedding rings sadly don't fit anymore. I'm not at my pre-wedding weight anymore, ahem!

    Anyways, I really miss it! Seeing this post makes me really want to go get mine sized!! Maybe I'll hint around and hubby can get it sized for Valentines day!! Haha!!

  2. I like how unique and original your ring is… glad you finally have it back in one piece.

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