Mellow Yellow.

I got a new duvet cover with some of my Christmas money! Hooray! I ordered it from Target’s website a couple of weeks ago and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival ever since. :)

I have been on a huge yellow kick lately, and this is the prettiest perfect shade of just-right-yellow that I love so much.

Here are some other little bits of yellow in my house that I adore:

I especially love this shade of yellow paired with dark brown or gray. Maybe I should get my painting contractor of a hubby to paint the nursery walls this yummy shade of yellow for me?



Today I had all these plans to go grocery shopping and run some other errands, but instead I woke up feeling like I got run over by a semi truck while I was sleeping. I am so tired and my body hurts everywhere! I don’t think I’m getting sick, I think I am just starting to approach the UNCOMFORTABLE part of this pregnancy- where my bones and muscles are like, “Huh?!” and “Say whaa?!” and “Oh no you di’nt!”

I think I’ll have to alter my agenda. All I feel up for now is crawling back into my (cute) bed and sleeping the afternoon away!

(Toddler-willing, of course.)


14 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow.

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! and yes….definitely do the baby room yellow…that would be so very awesome! love you and miss you….

  2. angel- the 'headboard' is actually just an old iron wall hanging that we anchored to the wall! Our friend Jacquie lent it to us. You can find them at antique stores pretty easily and I just looove how it looks! :)

  3. Found your blog when I was looking for other mommy blogs. Really like your blog a LOT! New to the pregnancy/mommy game and your blog had been really informative.

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