Swimming Beauty.

Let’s all pretend that it isn’t freezing degrees outside right now and take a gander at the swimsuits from Anthropologie, shall we? (I’ll take one of each, please.)

I can’t believe I am about to say this, but all these darling swimsuits make me actually kindof maybe wish it was warm outside and I lived by the stinky, seaweed filled ocean again. If I looked this cute, I might actually forget all about the sand mites that were biting at my ankles and legs as I reclined on a towel in the sun and baked my skin into a tough, dark hide!

It might all be worth it then!


4 thoughts on “Swimming Beauty.

  1. I know! I was cooing over those bad boys the other night and actually caught myself thinking “self, are you actually looking at bathing suits with anticipation this year?!” It blew my mind because I kind of hate the summer (here, where they are usually 115 degrees on the daily), but I suppose that's the power of Anthro.

  2. i want all of those with a side of those legs

    have just uploaded the worlds most embarrassing video blog, please come by and vote, who is right? Me or my husband?

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