23 Weeks.

It’s the beginning of the season of Advent, the four Sundays before Christmas, and this is the third Advent that I have gotten to experience while being pregnant. It’s been such a cool experience each and every time- remembering that God came to us as a baby and was carried by a woman… a woman very much like me, who lovingly caressed her growing belly and wondered at the WONDER of it all.

Pregnancy is amazing. Miraculous. In just nine short months, there is a new little person. Where there was nothing, there is suddenly someone… a person who is unique from any other person before it! And the fact that all of that energy and life and potential is wrapped up inside of me makes me feel humbled, yet so incredibly honored.

Ezra was asking me the other day about marriage and babies and at one point he said to me, “I wish I was a girl so I could carry a baby inside of me!”

And then, not even 10 seconds later, he said, “Or wait, never mind. I definitely want to be a boy because pushing the baby out hurts.”

I laughed and told him he was a smart man, but inwardly I thanked God that I get to have such an intimate knowledge of the mystery of life. I have had no other experience that has taught me so much about Him, and for that fact alone the pain is more than worth it.

9 thoughts on “23 Weeks.

  1. You are so cute pregnant! I love the outfit you have put together, that maxi skirt is awesome. Congrats again on your little bundle of joy. Reading posts like yours makes me look so forward to one day having a child of my own.

  2. Emery, your kids are super-extra-duper (sp?) intelligent!! :) I'm amazed at Ezra's ability to think so fast on his own sentences… And I love Myer's pic right below this post. His big belly is way too cute!
    You look adorable as a 23-week pregnant lady!

  3. hello, my name is Rachel. I just sent you an email becuase I was googling women with the same problems that I have been having with breastfeeding and your blog came up. So, I hope you get the email :)

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