Fall Fashion – Saturday!

Ahhh! Bad Fashion Week Hostess! I am posting this link list three hours late today, I am so sorry. My littlest one has been really ill and I have not had a chance to get my Saturday post up until now.

Today is super casual. I need to go grocery shopping and take care of my wee one.

Scarf: thrifted
GAP Maternity top: borrowed
PJ Pants: JcPenny
Chuck Taylors: Converse Store

Tomorrow is the last day! :( I always hate when fashion weeks end! You guys have been amazing, I have really enjoyed “meeting” some of your beautiful faces!! Remember that tomorrow you can post your Halloween costume (if you have one) or your regular outfit, either way! I will do the drawing for the winner of the giftcard soon after that. Happy Saturday to you all!

22 thoughts on “Fall Fashion – Saturday!

  1. Well my supercasual sure never looks so fancy :-) … and your hair is just amazing, I like the little curly “swing”.

    All the best for Myer!

  2. As if I didn't want a pair of Chuck Taylors badly enough… your cute self has to put on a pair and make me KNOW they are cool!

    Hope your little bit is better and your grocery trip is a success.
    Happy Saturday.

  3. You are such a cutie patootie. If I looked HALF that good in pj pants I'D NEVER GET DRESSED AGAIN.


    Hope your little munchkin feels better soon.

  4. How cute are you!!! I wanna play, too…..I'm so sad I haven't discovered this blog before today!

    Off to find my camera. And some good lighting!!

  5. This is an “off” day? You look fabulous. And I agree that if I looked half that cute in my PJs, I'd never take 'em off.

    Hope your wee one feels better soon!

  6. LOVE that scarf! those PJ pants are looking pretty good too :)

    came across your blog the other day. love it! i'm also pregnant, and have fallen in love following other pregnancies via blogs :). Thanks for all the great posts!

  7. This outfit looks so comfy and casual and yet, super stylin' cuz of your typical Emery-flair. You're such a gorgeous prego. I hope that I'm half as cute when/if I'm pregnant someday.

  8. oh my, you're so cute! You look soooo nice and comfy and I love the scarf!! As much as I like putting outfits together and dressing up, nothing beats nice comfy, casual clothes.

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