Fall Fashion – Friday!

The ultrasound went great! We got little pictures of our booper to bring home with us, and we still don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl! Yay us! :) That’s some serious self-control. I usually don’t even have enough self-control to stop myself from eating the WHOLE bag of lime flavored potato chips in one sitting. haha. (But really. I just can’t stop once I start.)

Here’s a little peak at our sweet one!:

Needless to say, we’re in LOVE!


Here’s my Friday outfit!

Isn’t this shrug crazy beans? It looks like it was made from the pelts of 100 innocent teddy bears.

I love pieces that make people go, “Huh?!”. I think that fashion should be FUN because… well, you only live ONCE, right?


Thank you guys for making this week such a blast so far. You guys are QUALITY.

27 thoughts on “Fall Fashion – Friday!

  1. That shrug definitely is crazy beans! Love it to pieces! You seriously are adorable! And congrats on self control! I don't want to find out the sex of the baby the next time we have a kid but the husband wants to. :/

  2. the faux fur shrug is amazing – I don't think I'd ever have the guts to wear it with something so casual but you do it so well & look so adorable. & love the boots!

    & yay for baby pictures! I'm so excited for you & can't wait to find out what it is as well!!

  3. Your self control is amazing!! Ultrasound pictures are the most miraculous things… they always leave me speechless with a big grin on my face. Thanks for sharing your little one with us.

    As usual, your style blows me away. That shrug is 100% unexpected and 100% chic. It's kitchy in the coolest way.

  4. It's so true, we DO only live once! Hurray for BOLD (and sometimes crazed) fashion statements!!!

    Also, CONGRATS!!! Your tiny one looks precious! We find out what ours is on Monday! Hubby is VERY passionate about knowing everything he can b/f the birth! LOL

    So excited!!!

  5. I love that you posted the ultra sound!!! Boy or Girl it will have a fantastic mother!!
    I loooove that jacket!!! And the fact that it is like wearing a giant teddy bear! :)
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  6. Way to be strong and not find out!!

    haha.. it does look like its made out of teddy bear! Sooo cute.

    I just love your hair, and that lil bow is perfect.

  7. Your little guy/girl is so cute! I love ultrasound pictures…the little sneak peek into a wonderful new life. Your outfit is great! I love the shrug!

  8. you look like the cutest teddy bear!!!

    happy to hear the ultrasound went well and you are both being so strong willed not finding out the sex. it will be such a nice surprise for all!!

  9. That faux fur looks warm too– very cute. And I love the bow in your hair too. You have the biggest eyes, lady!

    Congratulations on your little bean, you don't even look like you have a baby bump in the majority of these fashion pictures. I hope I'm as cute as you when I get pregnant some day!

  10. you look adorable and your hair cut is the perfect length! I say keep it short! you really know how to rock that hair!

    That little bean is so precious! I'm already predicting the gender!!!!! so cute!

  11. Emery: Love the shrug! It's kicky and great.

    Also great? Seeing you in pants. Love you, dear, but leggings just aren't pants.

  12. What I can't get over in these photos is your hair. It's such a lovely color – like a silvery blonde – and it looks so shiny and healthy!

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