Fall Fashion – Wednesday!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am feeling so encouraged and inspired over here! Before this week started, I was feeling yucky and very un-cute. But you guys have helped me look at my limited preggo wardrobe with new eyes! I’ve had the motivation to actually get creative and try new things, which is just what I needed!

Remember- it’s not too late to join in all the fun!

26 thoughts on “Fall Fashion – Wednesday!

  1. Lame leggings? Va Va Voom! ;)
    I totally agree. Second only to the encouragingly sweet comments, it's the INSPIRATION and motivation to try new things with my wardrobe that makes these fashion weeks so much fun!

  2. Only you could pull off those leggings. you have such great style and always know how to make things go together.

    that hat, boots, and blouse are killer.

  3. Wow, this is an awesome outfit. You pull of the shiny legging look like a pro. I too am feeling inspired. Again, thanks for hosting an awesome fashion week!

  4. Why do I always forget commenting at your blog – I guess it's the pure awe of your styles – I love them all!

    The hat looks wonderful with you. I have a very similar one and I do look like a teapot when I have that on my hair :-) with me it looks plain ridiculous, I have no idea how you manage to get this looking sexy.

    You look adorable with your pregnancy and THANKS so much for hosting this again, I love it.

  5. OOOHHH! I love your blog…I am a musical mommy too. Now following!
    You can check out my blog at

  6. I just found your blog via someone else linking up to your fall fashion week. What a cutie you are!! I wish I was as cute as you are NOW, let alone when I'm preggo. Love your look. So, so cute!

  7. You are so cute and barely look pregnant in some!

    So sad I live on the west coast. Missed posting my link by 5 minutes!! :/ Oh well.

  8. You are too cute for words. I want to ESPECIALLY compliment your hat but I also want to ESPECIALLY compliment your leggings and ESPECIALLY point out how cute your top is… you see my dilemma?

  9. look at you with your super cute dress-cut-off-to make a really cute top-self! Love it!

    I hope he/she doesn't totally give you a peep show and reveal it all anyway!

    You're the more gorgeous little mama I ever did see!
    and the chaps are hot.

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