Fall Fashion Week: Monday!

On your marks…get set…GO! Let the Fall Fashion Week fun begin!

My first outfit is nothing exciting, as, I assure you, none of my outfits this week will be… I am almost halfway through this pregnancy and I am down to about three pairs of pants and a few solid colored t-shirts! haha. I will try to get as creative as I can for you all. I don’t believe that pregnancy fashion has to be frumpy or boring- I think that it should be COMFY while still making you feel like YOU!

Whenever my belly starts to show, I find myself dressing somewhat simply, with a fun accessory or two that makes me still feel cute. I don’t know what it is… it’s almost like the belly becomes an accessory, and adding too much to it just begins to look… wonky?

I’m probably overthinking this.

Here’s my first look!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Add a link to your specific MONDAY post below and check out all the other links as well! I’m so excited!

(The link list will be up from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM Central time.)

39 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Week: Monday!

  1. I LOOOVE the hat! You're too cute! Thanks soooo much for hosting this, Emery.
    And whoa, my pre-planned outfit for tomorrow looks remarkably like yours… Maybe I'll have to relegate it to another day? Or not. We'll see. I assure you I planned it out before I saw yours (though imitation = sincerest form of flattery supposedly).
    Can't wait to see more pregnant fashion the rest of this week.

  2. the black tee does hide your bump when looking straight on but I think your belly is a great accent to the outfit. it's good to look comfy & you do it oh-so-well :)

  3. You are seriously adorable. The belly is an accessory when it's as cute as yours! I wore the same two wrap dresses day after day when I was pregnant, so I love seeing what other mamas do.

  4. You are too adorable!!
    You look so darling! I adore your hat and I love the little ruffle on the sleeves of your tee!
    Have a beautiful day,

  5. You're so cute I can't even say it anymore because I've said it too many times and I need to find another word for how awesome you are.

    You pull off hats like nobodies business! And you can't even tell you're pregnant when you're facing the front, but I do like the baby belly. It's the best accessory in the world.

  6. Ah, I love that shoes. And it is just too cold here to wear cute shoes like that – wah.

  7. Great great hat! Seriously! And I am loving the idea of “the bump” as an accessory! That kinda makes me smile alot!

    Thanks for inviting us all to fashion week!


  8. How you are still wearing regular jeans at 18 weeks is amazing to me! I think I pulled my maternity pants out at about 10ish weeks?

    Cute outfit, you look great!

  9. yaaaay it's here!! I'm so excited! :)
    you are adorable. A-DORABLE. I love your pictures. You're like a model. hehe. Mine are sad in comparison, but that's ok! I'm still excited! I'm gonna go post mine soon! :)

  10. You are easily one of the most adorable pregnant ladies I have ever seen. Thanks for hosting another fashion week–they are so much fun :)

  11. I can totally see how a baby bump could be seen as an accessory.

    I am always amazed at women who wear pumps while pregnant… huge kudos to you.

    I love your smile in the baby bump picture.

  12. Simply adorable pregnancy fashion! I came across your blog from your music myspace a while back! haha I have had the honor of seeing you perform live in OKC a while back. Now I feel ultra creepy! :) Your family seems really neat and is soooo very cute! This is my first time to participate…thanks for hosting!

  13. I love love love the hat! You look wonderful!! I'm so excited to participate in fall fashion week and can't wait to see the rest of your looks!!

  14. I know I don't know you or anything, but you are TOTALLY cute, and thanks for hosting this. I haven't done a fashion week before and am totally looking forward to it, I think if nothing else it ensures I won't wear the same thing all week!

  15. You are seriously the best fashion inspiration!!! And that baby bump- clearly the most fabulous “accessory”!!!!Thank you so much for making this possible for all of us, Emery. Thank you for your sweet comments.

  16. You and your baby belly are adorable! Thank you so much for hosting this fashion week! I'm getting more excited to put outfits together :)

  17. you are completely adorable! I wish I could have participated this week. I am just completely unprepared! thanks for the invite though.
    I am following though and enjoying all the pretty fashions.

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