12 Weeks.

I took these pictures about two seconds ago and am pretty sure I have doubled in size since then. No… really.

I kept sending my poor husband back up to the attic to look for my maternity clothes that we couldn’t find ANYWHERE. I was like, “I know they are up there, honey… could you look again?” And then, after his 1,647th trip up there, I suddenly thought I maybe might have remembered giving them all away after I had Myer? Because I never wore them and I didn’t like anything that I had.

hahahaha. Poor Chris.

So, I’m thinking this time around I might just invest in a nice pair of maternity jeans and call it good. Any recommendations? My neighbor was also kind enough to lend me some super cute maternity pants and some tops as well, so I think I’m set.

I’ve had a really hard but really good week of processing some of the things I have been feeling these past couple of months since I found out I was pregnant again. I have felt like I’ve been in a funk for weeeeeeks and I haven’t felt like writing at all. But this week I started to open up about some things and my husband has really helped me dig down and figure out WHY I’ve been feeling so shut down.

I will write more about all that soon when I can dedicate a good chunk of time to getting it all out.

Right now I’m too busy snuggling my boys and watching Wallace and Gromit.


9 thoughts on “12 Weeks.

  1. I loved my MA (Maternal America) Jeans. They were so cute, i wore them for months after giving birth, and they have totally cute styles. (http://www.maternalamerica.com/)

    They carry them at Simply Mama in SLO (by Country Culture Yogurt & Roxanne's Shoes). Not that that is anywhere near you, but to give you an idea of what sort of store you may find them in!

  2. Gah! You're the cutest pregnant girl ever! I'm 12 weeks and I just look like I lardo who ate too many big macks… Can I please just have a cute little pregnany belly soon, please??

  3. I agree with Paige. I have 2 pairs of the MA maternity jeans….I LOVE them. I wear them almost every day and they feel just as good as they did when i first got them…worth the investment (kind of pricy).


  4. gap has jeans that fit so good, but they are expensive. I also only got myself only one pair but they were my wooby jeans.

  5. I lived in the pair I bought from Gap. I buckled down and bought them full-price so they would FIT right and it was so worth it.

  6. I loved my ann taylor maternity skinny jeans. I found them on line for like 12.99 or something ridiculous. Ann taylors maternity stuff is really cute.

    Your little bump is adorable btw.

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