11 Weeks!

Today was the first time in a loooooong time that I actually took the time to get dressed in something other than pj pants and a t-shirt.

It actually made a big difference in how I felt. Maybe my morning sickness cure is DESLOBIFYING MYSELF every once in awhile? Chris will be thrilled! ;)

I will be 11 weeks tomorrow! Here are the first belly shots:

Myer keeps following me around the house trying to put his ‘babies’ (stuffed animals) under my dresses or shirts. I think he’s sortof starting to get the concept? cutie patootey.

He wanted me to take a ‘belly shot’ of him too:

(He is the coolest almost-20-month-old in the universe.)

Chris and I have been talking about our car situation this week, seeing as how there are not enough seats to fit our growing family in our Honda Element. Sad.

So, in 5 months or so, we will be selling the lovely Element to purchase something more… you-can-no-longer-deny-that-you-are-a-mom-ish.

Chris is reeeeeally pushing for the sliding doors option, which leaves us a choice between a used minivan or a used Mazda5.

I prefer the look of the Mazda, of course, but I am thinking that I would probably love all the extra room in a minivan. But would all that extra room in the minivan offset the potential soul-killing feeling of actually driving one?

Hmmm. THAT is the question. haha.

20 thoughts on “11 Weeks!

  1. Everyone I know who owns a mini van loves it. I think that it just takes a tiny push to get over the whole mom/mini-van Thing. And then, it's just a really comfortable car that happily holds your brood and all their stuff!

    I am considering one myself, and I only have two kids – just because it would be nice to be able to fit a few more people in my car from time to time.

  2. He has got you beat! Im excitted for belly shots again. We may have to meet in huston or something and do some preggy pics. OH and you should do this weeks photo challange, scense your kids are precious!

  3. Someone lent us a minivan for a couple months when we needed a new car (with three kids). It totally repulsed me at first, and of course it was white, so it seemed all the more bloated. However, the room and convenience very quickly won me over, and we soon bought the borrowed vehicle which I now drive gladly. The sliding doors thing is really nice. Especially when your kids are prone to demonstrating how well they can open car doors in cramped parking lots (unless you like writing little notes of apology for dinged doors on other vehicles).

    Good luck car hunting!

  4. I've had a few minivans in my day, and even though I always hated the 'thought' of them, I found them to be the BEST. With all the kid stuff you've got to haul around, plus the kids, it's a luxury to have all that ease and room.

    I considered getting plates that said MOMYVAN, but never did. (totes feel free to steal that)

    How much does a spiffy gently used H-car go for? My mind, she's a reeling!

  5. I totally thought I would feel the same way about a minivan. Prior to baby #2 we drove an Accord. I really LOVED my Accord. We test drove a LOT of stuff. I didn't like any of the SUVs because there was zero leg room in the third row of seats and getting back there was pretty impractical the way they are set up. We are Honda/Toyota people so next up was their minivans and I totally LOVE my Odyssey. It seriously drives just like my Accord, the Sienna drove like a boat. So that is my recommendation.

  6. Myer is the cutest… I love that he follows you around with stuffed animals. :)

    My husband would totally recommend the Madza. We've had two Madzas, one current, one past, and they are sturdy stuff.

  7. I loved my Honda Accord. i can't tell you how many times the sliding doors saved us as we ran to the van in the rain or had them open to dump in groceries, baby, and toddlers. Oh and all the sports junk from the big kids. It has a lot of room behing the seats.

  8. what belly? i don't see a belly, yet! you look great and i'm glad you are feeling better.
    getting dressed definitely always helps me get out of a funk.

    we have a subaru forester and we love it. id doesn't have sliding doors though.
    good luck!

  9. I have an inherent hatred towards mini-vans, I am not sure what it stems from but I have always said that I will never own one. Which ultimately means that I probably will haha :)

    Good luck with your quest for a new car! You are an insanely adorable pregnant person even though you are still super tiny!

  10. Just give the minivan a good name, my mom's was slick the party van… Ha that makes it worth it!

    Ahh I am a new mom, don't be ashamed go for the mommy car :)

  11. I always swore off the minivan. Then we bought our Honda Odyssey and I fell in love. I am officially a minivan mom and wouldn't have it any other way. The best was that we drove form KY to Reno in it and were able to pack pratcially our whole house for our 5 week journey. Best car ever.

  12. AY dios mio you are adorable!

    And go with the Mazda (I actually commented the same at GGC when she was pondering mini-vandom). They're really roomy and not nearly as sad as a mini-van. I wish I had bought one. Alas, I'm stuck hunching over and messing with my back every time I have to put Jack in his car seat in our tiny Hyundai Accent hatchback.

  13. I don't even have kids but I drive a minivan! Its an older one, a 94 dodge caravan but I love it. It helped move me from oregon back to nevada, and i never have to worry when I get groceries or the fact that I practically live out of it between my mom's house and boyfriends. I dont even care if people think I'm a soccer mom, it is reliable and drives nice!

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