Tiny Dancer.

My first baby appointment went perfectly, and I even got the unexpected bonus of getting to SEE the little jumping bean for a moment, which was so fun!

My midwife had an ultrasound cart and wheeled it into the room so she could check everything out in there. I am measuring right where I should be and the baby was totally jumping around and wiggling it’s tiny arms!

She took a picture but it printed out really small, so I have decided to take some artistic license and recreate it for you with the utmost attention to detail:

(You’re welcome.)

We saw a strong heartbeat and the best part of it all was that Chris got to be there with me. It was so sweet, and I feel like I fell in love with this baby for the first time as I watched it dance on the mini screen.

A recap: There’s a tiny human in there and I love it!

This past week has been one of pure exhaustion and nausea. I’ve slept 12 hours straight most nights this week, which is great and all, but I feel like I haven’t had a complete {coherent} conversation with my husband in weeks. I miss him. You guys will have to forgive my lack of blogging abilities for a little while longer, due to the fact that the movement of the cursor across the screen seems to make me feel sea-sick. It’s like a little sailboat blinking across the ocean waves. *yarf*


9 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer.

  1. yay! I am so happy for you! :) I know you aren't feeling well, and you are busy and all, but I would love to get together sometime in the future and catch up!

  2. i felt like that with my first one and we had a water bed. i finally put a mattress on the floor (we didn't have a bedframe at the time) so i could sleep without wanting to barf constantly.

    congrats with a sweet new little one growing inside there.

  3. You described both my pregnancies, perfectly: YARF! Unfortunately, the meds available for nausea aren't that effective or fun to take. I tried several myself and eventually just settled for prayer and self-pity to get me through, lol!

    I hope you feel better really soon. You have my sincerest sympathy, as I know exactly what you're going through. Long distance hugs from Chicago: (((Em)))

  4. I'm sorry you're nauseous… I can't think of another physical ailment I despise more (but maybe that speaks to my sheltered life?). Yay for sleep and yay for your little dancer!

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