Round Three.

Thank you guys all SO much for your sweet congratulations on the newest addition to our family!

So… this pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned… it came about 4 months earlier than we’d talked about, but we couldn’t be happier about it!!

It already feels so different than my other pregnancies- I have not even felt pregnant at all- and I was extremely surprised when I found out that I was. It took a few days to really sink in. I feel like with the last two pregnancies, I knew right away. This one has not been that way.

I am a little over 6 weeks along, which (according to my calculations) would make me due around March 24th. (Two of my best friend’s birthdays!) I have an appointment with my midwife around the end of August. I feel pretty good so far. Today has been my first day of any nausea. I’m praying this pregnancy will be like when i was pregnant with Ezra– I never felt sick even once! Wild.

Chris and I are probably not going to find out the gender this time around. We think that the surprise of finding out in the delivery room will be really special. There’s a lot of hope of this baby being a girl, and we both feel like finding out what this baby is when we actually get to HOLD him or her will eliminate any feelings of sadness if it’s another boy because… we’ll be HOLDING him! And he will be absolutely PERFECT!

I can not BELIEVE we are going to have three children. It feels like such an enornmous jump from two. Also, I feel like I was just pregnant like, two seconds ago. haha. There were four long years between Ezra & Myer, and there will only be two years (and two months!) between Myer & Baby Three. I feel a little scared about that… How exactly does one manage a two year old AND a bitty baby? I have a feeling it might require superpowers.

We are so so so very excited and I will be documenting the journey of baby three here as best as I can!


20 thoughts on “Round Three.

  1. Congratulations again! And remember, God gives you what he knows you can handle! You will be fine! And keeping my fingers crossed for a girl!

  2. It's so exciting!! If anyone can handle it, it is you. You are an amazing mother!! I can't wait to follow your journey for sure. Congrats again!

  3. i all of a sudden got really jealous reading this! my son is almost 10 months old now and i already have baby fever. AH! so awesome!

  4. Shut up! That is soo exciting. I think its awesome when people can go that long with out finding out. I would die the whole time. You can call he/she “Baby Three” the entire time. Congrats cute girl! I'm so happy for you! Even if he/she is a boy that will still be so much fun and those boys will be the best of friends.

  5. I am so excited for you!!! We're waiting another month before trying for number two, so I'm both crazy happy for you and a little envious. You are such a great mom that I'm sure you will have the patience for three. So excited to see how everything progresses!

  6. I am so excited for you guys. And I think it's great that you're holding off on finding out the gender (though there's nothing wrong with finding it out sooner). Hopefully Ezra will be a help this time around + you're on round 3… you have a leg up in terms of what to expect. If anyone can do it, you can!

  7. I know you can do it! And its so exciting! About not finding out, we didn't find out what we were having until birth. In the middle of the pregnancy, it took willpower to not find out, but toward the end, it got more exciting as the anticipation of finding out got closer to a reality.

  8. Soooo exiting! Congratulation, will love to follow your journey and I pray for a healthy and joyful pregnancy for you.

    My best friend didn't want to know the gender with her second pregnancy. But for all months she told me, she just KNEW it was boy… and I believed her so much from some point, that I bought a boy's present just short before birth date.

    Ha, I have an awesome sweet goddaughter now. :-)

  9. My kids are only 1 year and 20 days apart! It will be fine… and on the hard days just laugh and smile and hug your babies! :)

  10. That's so exciting! Can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

    We also talked about not wanting to find out the sex for out next baby too. I think it would be such a sweet surprise.

    Congrats again!

  11. My brother, sister and I were within 3 1/2 years of each other. I'm not sure how my mother did it.

  12. Oh wow, I missed this! So exciting. Yours will be further apart than mine, so I think you will be fine. :)

  13. Congraulations Emery! What awesome news. March seems to be a great month to have babies, myself and a few of my friends are all due in March.

    Congrats again.

  14. I tried to leave a comment with my congrats the other day but it didn't work so hopefully this time….CONGRATULATIONS Super Cute Family!!!!

  15. congrats and I have the same fear. My first and second are six years apart but we plan to try for baby number three next summer and there will be about a 3 year age difference and im nervous about how well i'll handle it. i'll be following along getting tips from your journey

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