Summer Fashion Week – Thursday!

***link list is fixed now… sorry about that!!***

word to your muddah.

It’s already THURSDAY! Wow. (Remember, it’s never too late to join!) I am having so much fun checking out your looks each day and finding some really fun new blogs at the same time! :) You guys are awesome.

This dress was another incredible thrift store find. When it’s this hot outside, this is all I want to wear. Something you can just throw on and GO. The colors of this dress make me happy. They remind me of the colors in tiffany’s top from tuesday. I think greens & blues are my FAVORITE together.

Dress- B. Darlin, thrifted
Shoes- Madden girl, from 1/2 of 1/2 NBC
Cardigan- Target

21 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Week – Thursday!

  1. Emery I have a question – do you take your own photos by setting the timer or do you have someone take them for you like Chris maybe?? I am curious because your pics of your outfits are always so cute, and I haven't tried to photograph myself very often, but when I have, ummm..Failure!! :) SHERRY

  2. The neckline of this dress is so cool! It ties around the neck from the waist? Brilliant.

    You look adorable.

    ps. having so much fun this week, thanks for hosting again!!

  3. this is my fav outfit yet. that dress is def an amazing thrift find! Those colors probably make your eyes pop.

    I'm having fun with with fashion week too! thanks again for hosting!

  4. The dress is wonderful and it looks like a fresh breeze of wind on the skin.
    I also like the cardigan that goes with it, makes it look very classy.

    Well and if CHRIS takes some of those photos, this totally explains why you are so good in flirting with the camera – obviously in love with hubby :-)

  5. Awesome dress. Ive been trying to find a maxi-pregnancy friendly dress for ages now and havent had success.

    It's beautiful.

  6. This is my favorite look of yours so far! The colors are perfect on you – totally stunning. And you've NAILED “comfy glamour.” (There's such a thing as “comfy glamour,” right? Please say there is.)

  7. i love your dress! its so summer! your hair is so cute, i almost wish i hadn't chopped mine off so i could cut it into cute bangs like yours!

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