Summer Fashion Week – Wednesday!

Here’s my outfit for Wednesday:

dress- by double zero, thrifted
cardigan- Forever21
hat- Forever21
Shoes- steve madden, thrifted

This dress was one of the best thrifting finds I’ve ever come across! I mean, who gets rid of a dress this cute?? Crazy, I tell ya. I love it so much and it is so comfy!

It is currently MAD HOT here in Oklahoma. I am craving the mountains. Only three more weeks until me and the boys head out to Utah to see my parents!! weehaw!

28 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Week – Wednesday!

  1. I love the hat. I've been itching for a fedora, but I can't find one that fits my larger than average head.

    This is my first time taking part in fashion week and it's fantastic. Thanks!

  2. glad to see your awesome hat making appearances again! and i agree with you–who would give up a dress that adorable?!? strange. =)

  3. I love your dress! It is so adorable and you look so adorable in it! And the hat, I wish I could pull off hats the way you do.

  4. Once again, I'm blown away by your thrifting skills! That dress is perfect on you.
    Another successful ensemble. You're so stinking cute!

  5. ummm i want that dress!!! I love it!!! Love that hat too! You pull it off so well dear!! So adorable!

  6. Maybe the lady who got rid of that adorable dress didn't have your adorable body!

    Way cute outfit!

    I hear the heat claim. I live in NYC but am from Colorado, man am I missing the dry heat and the cool evenings!

    Would love to participate in your fashion week but feeling a little blah in my last few weeks of pregnancy :(

    But next time I'm all in!

  7. I can just see your face and hear your “squeak-squeal” when you found that dress !! It's ADORABLE.

  8. Oh, I am jealous, I love this dress. It is so special – I also can't believe what people give away. I get great deals on eBay all the time and many of the clothes are even new?!?

    And I totally agree with candace – it's amazing how beautifully slim you are, being a Mom of two!

  9. here's my theory. the gal who originally owned that dress was in love with it (who wouldn't be) but her roommate was so jealous and/or just hated her in general so she sold all her clothes to a thrift store for revenge. because I don't know how someone could intentionally get rid of that dress. unless they didn't fit in it anymore. in that case, I feel like that would be the motivation dress to whip you back into shape.

    either way, you wear it very well. definitely fits your personality and is ultra adorable!

  10. I always wonder how the stuff I buy at thrift ended up there. Always. Did someone shrink or expand out of it? Did it have unpleasant memories associated with it? Did she just get sick of the sight of it? I desperately want to know…

    Anyway, you look fantastic! The hat in particular.

  11. I love the hat. Not everybody can do a hat.
    I give a ton of clothes away, and the #1 reason is, they don't fit me right anymore.

  12. Your dress is beautiful! What a great find!

    I agree with Laura, I only give away clothing that no longer fits properly (ya know, the highschool waistline has changed a bit from growing people). Otherwise, I wear things I love threadbare.

  13. I'm so glad someone got rid of that dress so you could be so cute in it! Those straps are aaaammmmaaazzziiing! That detail shot is super great for seeing all the extra-cuteness.
    I've seriously been trying on hats like that one for at least 2 months now but I never look adorable like you!

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