Old Scrambled Eggs.

Summer is so hard for me. I am horrible at entertaining the munchkins all day while the opressive heat lurks outside. It is just NOT my forté.

I can’t wait until August, when I can load the kids up and cart us out to Utah to be with my parents for awhile. I need help. These children are slowly driving me batty, and the precious few moments I have to myself are just simply not cutting it! I come back feeling more restless and smooshed, simply because I know I won’t get more time to myself for a long while.

Oh, Fall, come quickly!! I am feeling like a scrambled egg!


In other news, I am turning TWENTY EIGHT on Tuesday. And my 10 year high school reunion is rapidly approaching. Holy moo! Where’s my cane?

6 thoughts on “Old Scrambled Eggs.

  1. We CAN'T WAIT for you to come to Utah so we can take those munchkins off of your hands for awhile !! :)

  2. “Holy moo” is the funniest phrase I've heard in a LONG time. See you in August my love!!

  3. You old lady you! hahaha!

    The fort was a good call! :-) haha! I think of the days when I have children and I know that you deserve major kudos for being a stay at home mom because unfortunately, I don't believe i am cut out for that position. haha! ;-)

    Also, I pretty much can't believe that I have been reading your blog since Ezra was smaller than Myer! CRAZY!!!

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