Summer Fashion Week… Are you in?

Dun dun duh!

Summer Fashion time is here, woo wooo!!

If you didn’t get to join in on the fun in the Spring, this is your chance!

This is seriously SO much fun, and you won’t regret participating…

Here are the ground rules for those of you who are new to the game:

1. Snap pictures of your snazzy Summer looks starting July 12th. (Or, you could start snapping pictures NOW so you will have a plethora to choose from by the time Summer Fashion week rolls around!) Then, post them on your blog.

2. Come back here on Monday, July 12th. On that day, you will find a link list that you can plug your fashion post info into so that everyone can see that you’ve participated for that day. There will be separate link lists for each day. Each list will compile all the links together for each day so we can see everyone who is participating in one place!

3. Repeat for each day of the week! For each day you participate, your name will be entered into a drawing for a fun giveaway at the end of the seven days!

(This is all just a ploy for me to be able to say THANK YOU for all your continued support and readership here on my bloggity blog. I just adore you guys and am so thankful for all your encouragement throughout the years!)

4. Lastly, TELL ALL YOUR BLOG BUDDIES! Spread the news! The more people we have joining in the fun, the better it will be! Pencil it in your calendars and then go shout it from your rooftop. (Because that wouldn’t be awkward AT ALL.)

Here’s a small button for any of you who want to start spreading the word… (Just copy and paste that HTML code into your sidebar.)

Or, here’s the code for a BIGGER version if you’d like to do a separate post (like this one) to spread the word:

I’m so excited to do this again with you guys.

So… are you in?! Please say you’re IN!

15 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Week… Are you in?

  1. I am IN! And so excited! I loved participating in the spring fashion week and couldn't wait for summer to roll around… I've already been thinking of my outfits!

  2. Yay! Now if only I had some summer fashion. Summer is my least favorite season, and my least favorite season to wear clothes in. Bah!

  3. Ooooh, this is so tempting… it does look like fun, but I don't consider myself a very fashionable person… I'll THINK about it! :)

  4. Oh i am SO in on this one! ;-) So excited to see what everyone comes up with! Gotta start taking pictures!!!

  5. Dang! I so wish that I could play… it is going to be hard to post everyday from my honeymoon in Spain though (yet the fashion here is so much more fun!!) I will def try to post when I can. Or perhaps I will just post pics of other people ;)

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