Growing out Short Hair.

Today my hair was making me want to… pull out my hair.

So, remembering a technique my dear friend Harmony taught me back in my college days, I grabbed some bobbypins and pinned it up.

And then this afternoon, I trimmed my bangs.

Ta-da! New hair!

I think this will really help as I trudge through the horrible stages that come with growing out my hairz. I recommend a truck load of bobbypins to anyone and everyone who is trying to go from short to long.

They are miracle workers, I tell ya!

10 thoughts on “Growing out Short Hair.

  1. Those pins sure make your hair look elegant and long already! It's funny cuz I see your cute hair and want to cut mine!

  2. My best friend in high school did this when she was trying to grow her hair out and I was so envious of how absolutely adorable she looked I almost chopped off all of my hair!

    I'm having similar feelings again…

  3. This is like Dejavu! How is this going to end? Hummmm, you growing it out and in a year and a half you are goign to chop it off in a fit of frustration….LOL, I love you EM!

  4. I'm a HUGE fan of your short hair, but you look just as gorgeous with it long!

    Have you been taking any hair skin and nails vitamins?

    Those did wonders for my hair before my wedding.
    I took them for 3 months I believe.

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