Spring Fashion Week- Saturday!

Dress- Vintage thrifted
Cropped Jean Jacket- Thrifted
Gray Tights & Flats- same as every other day, haha.

Tomorrow is the last day of our Spring Fashion Week, but do not fret! There are fun things on the horizon still! First of all, I will be announcing the winner of the $100 ModCloth gift card sometime early next week– Monday or Tuesday. Secondly, you always have next season to look forward to! Summer is not too far off, and we will do another Fashion Round-Up once it comes.

Oh, and one more question…

Whose child could this possibly be? SURELY not mine. Where on EARTH would he learn to strike a pose like that??

Ahahahah what a goober. A mini-me through and through. ;)

Until tomorrow, lovelies! I’ve got to get back to BOILING EGGS.
{yucky gross blech.}

10 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Week- Saturday!

  1. I love, love, love that dress! It fits you like a glove. You look so glamorous! While you're doling out advice, sometime, I'd love tips on how you cut your own hair. How do you not end up chopping off way too much and how do you cut the back evenly? I am scared to try it but hate shelling out so much money every time. By the way, did I mention I love that dress?

  2. Love your dress, its so bright. I love floral patterns. I things the jacket is a really nice addition.
    I did not take part in this fashion round up but have had so much fun looking at everyone outfits, thanks for doing this:)

  3. SO lovely! Every time I see the beautiful outfits you put together I wish that I was better at thrifting. Love the pic of your son too! Hehe, so adorable!

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