Spring Fashion Week- Thursday!

No foolin’! It’s already THURSDAY!

I have the BEST readers on the whole internets. You guys are so lovely and sweet and kind!

Anywho, today required TWO outfits because it was in the 50’s this morning and then warmed up to 86 degrees by the afternoon! Wowzers!! So… like a good little fashion blog round-up hostess, I snapped pictures of both my looks for today. hehe.

For the AM:

Hat: Forever21
Stripe Shirt- Forever21
Button-up Shirt: Vintage Wrangler, thrifted
Capris- Express, thrifted

And for the afternoon:

High-Waisted Shorts: Vintage thrifted
Gray Flats- Old Navy

OH! And guess what else?!?

As some of you may know, Chris and I have been re-doing the living room bit by bit via the glorious ‘Craig’s List’. I’ve been selling things and then buying things and haven’t had to spend any out-of-pocket money at all! (This little venture has been completely fun and ADDICTING, btw.)

We sold our old chairs and have been on the lookout for a rug.

Last night, I checked Craig’s List and saw a rug had just popped up. I clicked on it and almost FAINTED.

It’s a HUGE vintage rug that was made in France in the 1940’s. The owner told us that when she purchased it years and years ago, the dealer told her it was cut from an even larger ballroom rug. The woman selling it wanted practically nothing for it. She said she just wanted it to go to a home that would appreciate it.

Me!! Me!! Pick ME!!!

I emailed her immediately and we went and picked it up right away. When Chris unrolled it last night, I got all teary-eyed. It’s more gorgeous than anything I could have ever hoped for. I’m so blown away!

I love my new living room!

Here’s the comparison of what it was and what it has transformed into:


and after:

Now all that’s left is to find a cool table lamp for between the chairs. I’m thinking something big but somewhat modern. It’s a pretty main focal point for the room, so I want to get it just right.



24 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Week- Thursday!

  1. Love the livingroom make over. Funny how such a small thing can make a big effect. Good luck on the whole thing, I had to get rid of a bunch of furniture when I moved a few months ago…I'm still kind of not over it!

    anywho, love your outfits here! The weather is wacky everywhere!

  2. Love both outfits AND the new living room. That's such a cool story about the rug! I wish I had good lamp suggestions, but alas….
    That second outfit looks just like a walk in the park and I can't believe how versatile that hat is! Now I want one…

  3. I'm so glad you chose a reddish carpet! I think it looks so cool with the brown & teal you've got going on. Plus, the rug has a great back story to go with it!

    No MckLinky today? :/

  4. ooooops! i'm so sorry i forgot to stick it on there!! mcklinky is back now. let's pretend it was just an april fools joke. hehe.

  5. Your outfits are so cute. I love that stripped top.

    The rug is breathtaking. It's so gorgeous and elegant. I'm glad you have it now. You can treasure it forever!

    I need to start looking on Craigslist!!!

  6. Ahhhh!!!!! I love the rug! And the story! It does not get any better. I'm not finding anything on Craig's list. Boo.

  7. Ohmygosh could you get any cooler? I absolutly love the hat. And the rug pulls the color out of your new chairs perfectly. I love it.

    PS thank you for the compliment on my ears! I've never heard that before! I pulled my hair proudly back to showcase them :)

  8. At the risk of coming off sounding like a stalker… I think we should be friends. Wanna know why? WE HAVE MATCHING RUGS!!

    I need to send you a picture of our dining room rug, but it is so similar to the GORGEOUS (if I do say so myself) rug you just found! Ours is family heirloom that my husband's grandparents owned.

    We're rug twins. :)
    Your new living room is beautiful!

  9. AMAZING RUG. omigoodness. wish our craigs list was just nearly as awesome as yours.

    and if my closet contained more than one pair of jeans and nursing tanks I would have totally joined you this week. but the one day I thought I'd join you I realized those were my staples…plus a variety of cardigans and flats. and 5 days of the same pair of jeans sort of depressed me. =)

  10. I am loving the shorts! I've seen a few people wear them this week and I am inspired! I am also sad that spring fashion week is coming to an end(ish). Can we make it a spring fashion MONTH!?

  11. Emery, I have to say that you have a real talent for putting together outfits. I'm always impressed that many of your clothes have been thrifted because your outfits never look sloppy (which mine sometimes do when I try to breathe new life into something I've found second hand…)

    What's your secret? Do you have any tips on how to successfully thrift?

  12. That hat was made for you :) I also love getting glimpses of your house in your different photo shots. You guys have great taste. I know awhile back you initiated a home tour, but I think you should do it again. I would like to join in this time, I bet others would too. It's so fun to get ideas- I need to change things around a bit.

  13. Your living room looks fantastic! I love that rug, its just breathtaking! Craigslist FTW!
    Totally cute outfit! I'm so jealous of your 86 degree weather, I'm so ready to feel warmth and sunshine!

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