Spring Fashion Week- Tuesday!


I am loving this so much, and have really enjoyed ‘meeting’ some of you for the first time!! This be fashionista central- woot woot!

Here’s my outfit for Tuesday:


(these trees are blooming everywhere and they are SO BEAUTIFUL, but we discovered today that they smell like rancid fish oil if you get too close to them. Yuuuuuck! My worst nightmare!!)

Yesterday was the first REALLY nice day of the year, and by the time 7:30PM rolled around, the boys and I had been to the park THREE separate times. haha. We just couldn’t get enough of the sunshine!

Needless to say, after the first trip to the park, this vintage marigold skirt was exchanged for some comfy skinnies. You can’t dangle from the monkey bars in a high-waisted skirt, so it had to go. ;)

Vintage Marigold Skirt- Thrifted
White Tank- I don’t remember?
Red MJ Cardigan- Forever21
Brown Flats- Dolce Vita from Ross
Leopard Hair Bow- Forever21


Post your links to your Tuesday looks below, and don’t forget to wrangle your friends into joining in on the fun! It’s never too late to join in… each time you post a look, you are entered into the end-o-the-week drawing!

Thanks to you all for making this such a fun and encouraging experience already! :)

15 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Week- Tuesday!

  1. I guess it's Tuesday your time, but shoot! Haha, I love the combo of red and mustard yellow…not one I would have come up with!

    And I would love to visit you guys someday :) I am headed to North and South Carolina in two weeks though…getting my style all lined up ;)

  2. Loving the mustard high wasted skirt. And your hair cut is too too chic.

    Your description of the pretty yet smelly trees made me laugh. I ran into a few on a walk yesterday and was WAY less eloquent than “rancid fish oil” in my description.

    Hope you have another sunny day

  3. GAAAHHHH! I LOVE that skirt so much! I've been loving that color lately but cant find too many items in it. The hunt continues…

  4. Major skirt envy! So adorable. And I love the sweater too. I don't think I give f21 enough thought – I need to go in there more

  5. ummm i do LOVE that outfit! you're so adorable and I want to raid your entire closet!

    I haven't actually gotten dressed up “springy” the past couple days, so I haven't posted pictures. Plus I've been insanely busy! Life is pretty insane right now!

    Maybe I'll try to post later today.

    I really want to join!


  6. Isn't Forever 21 such a gold mine?
    I love that store! They have such great items and such great prices, too!

    And by the way, I love red sweater!
    What is the beaded pattern placed on the shoulders? Are they feathers?

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