Faces Towards the Sun.

After an eternal week of the stomach flu that gave us all a swift roundhouse kick to the gut (excepting for Ezra, he somehow escaped unscathed) we are finally on the mend! This little boy right here… my sweet munchkin Myer… is not quite so plump anymore. He lost a lot of weight after not being able to eat much or keep food down for seven days. SAD. But today he was back to his old self.

The mom in me is wanting to cram bread and potatoes down his throat to beef him up again, but my empathetic stomach knows better.

We’ve all been nibbling for days. The only thing that sounds good most of the time is toast or cereal. I can’t wait to be really hungry again.

Things on the horizon:

-MoMar is coming to watch the boys for a few days
-We’re flying to CA on Friday
-Our dearest friend Joel is getting MARRIED!!
-aaaand… SPRING is coming! And I’m actually excited!


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