Delicious Weather.

Recently it ‘iced’ for a day and then snowed for a day on top of that. Icing with Frosting on top!


I grew up in Nevada. Then I moved to California. And then I moved out here to Oklahoma. We’ve been here for almost 5 years, and STILL this ‘ice’ nonsense baffles me. It’s not hail, it’s not sleet, it’s not snow… it’s ICE. They call it ‘icing’.

But it’s not like frosting on a cake.

Apparently, “ice” can be an adjective.

I took these pictures this afternoon… it’s what is left of the snow on top of the ice. (Now picture that ice layer on all the roads!) (Hint: Cars become hockey pucks.) But, as you can see, the whole front of this fence is also covered in a thick layer of ice.

I don’t understand this. It is a VERTICAL surface.

I don’t feel smart enough to grasp how this is even possible.

Still, I love it, even though I’m not intelligent enough to understand it. Snow (and now ice!) is my mostest most most-er-ton FAVORITE weather ever.

What’s yours?

8 thoughts on “Delicious Weather.

  1. Ack! I am scheduled to fly to OKC on Sunday night for a work trip! How bad are the roads? Hopefully it will be clear by then…

  2. I'm so glad you love the ice and the snow because most people don't, but it's BEAUTIFUL! Sure, going outside in it isn't all that fun, but I love the look of frost and icicles. They glitter. It's magical. And cold. But mostly magical!

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