When The Baby Turns One.

So, he turned one today…

…aaaand my baby fever escalated to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

What in the Hay?? It took four years to catch the baby fever again after I had Ezra.

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?


Anywho. Thanks to all who called, texted, sent cards, and messaged birthday wishes to our little man. He loved all the special attention today. But mostly, I think, it was all about the cookie:

“oh mommy, has i told you lately that i love you?”

“wait… there WILL be more where this came from, yes?”

It feels like that was the fastest year of my life. What a precious little patootie he is.

11 thoughts on “When The Baby Turns One.

  1. He is REAL cute! Could not possibly be ANY cuter! LOVING the pic of him jamming the cookie in his mouth…happens to me too. Happy birthday buddy! My youngest nephew turns 1 on Thurs.

  2. Once was son (who is now two) started walking and began communicating somewhat clearly, I knew I had to have another!!! (We start to forget the trials of having an infant I think). I have such bad baby fever, but my husband and I are waiting a little while longer (but I am counting the days).
    Happy birthday Myer!

  3. o my goodness. they are getting so grown up! i can't believe how big Ezra is! Myer is still a little peanut! Those big eyes are so ADORABLE! hehe!!!

    Happy Birthday Myer!!!

  4. AW, those pictures!!

    Happy Birthday, Myer!

    Okay, isn't it weird how baby fever strikes after the first year? The same thing happened with me a month or so ago and it hasn't let up… ESPECIALLY NOT WITH PEOPLE POSTING ADORABLE PICTURES OF THEIR LITTLE BOYS. I need one!

  5. Make another one, now! Babies are the best. Check out the video of my little one being all cute and alert if you want to increase the fever to a bajillion degrees :)

  6. Happy birthday to myer :) what a cutie. emery i have been stuck on this band and think of you when i listen to them, when you get a chance you should listen to the 'hands song' by nickel creek :)

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