Daily Me.

I am resuming my ‘somewhat daily’ outfit posts over on my Flickr page if you want to follow along or join in the fun!

Also, I am thinking of reading through the Bible again this year from start to finish and was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me… I’m not sure what it would look like or how we would keep in contact about it, but I was thinking I could start up a separate blog page and break down the readings that way. Then we could chat about what we’re reading/learning as we go! It might help to have others along for the ride- motivation and support and all that…

Let me know if any of you are interested so I can set something up for us!!


14 thoughts on “Daily Me.

  1. Interesting! I got a new bible for christmas, a new jerusalem translation, and I'm so excited about reading the same message in new words. I've never read the whole bible and I've always wanted to. We could blog our way through the bible!

  2. I was just reading Deuteronomy 21 10 and it was completely freaking me out. I would love to read along to your blog and get perspectives on those more difficult, confusing passages.

  3. I'd love to! The only time I've read the bible was in Catholic school… we had to read it when we got in trouble. Don't even get me started on how wrong that was!

  4. I tried to do this last year and made it quite a ways….I never really knew what happened, but I would love to join you lovely ladies!

  5. I would totally be interested in the Bible read-thru-blog! I'll be watching for you to post where I can join in!

  6. I have been silently reading your blog for a few years now. I hope that's not weird. I would love to join in on this. Email me at cinderellaspark at g mail dot com. So excited!!

  7. A while back you posted about Ezra wondering how Santa would get in if you didn't have a chimney??? I can't find that post now. You probably already got that answered many times over, but have you heard of the “santa key”??? So cute. Here is one: http://www.bronners.com/1129952.html
    However if you google it you'll come up with tons. Or, you can just make your own and use one of these cute poems with it:

    OK like I said someone probably already wrote you about this but I can't find the post!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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