10 thoughts on “My Dream Outfit.

  1. That ModCloth website is awesome! I'm so glad you shared. BTW – do you have any tips on sizing for that website? I am petite but by no means a svelte as you :) I absolutely love like three pieces though!

  2. yes, modcloth rocks!!

    I think each piece varies individually on sizing, but if you click on the 'composition & measurements' tab, it gives the specific measurements for each item. So cool.

    Which pieces do you like?

  3. YOU, sweet girl, now owe me probably $500. I LOVE ModCloth and the hat site too, both of which are new to me. Curses! I feel another slow drain opening up in the old wallet. (But I will look awesome.)

  4. Oh wow! What an adorable outfit! I hope you were able to buy each piece b/c I'm sure that outfit would look amazing on you. I wish wearing stylish hats was the norm, like it was just a few decades ago.

  5. I totally agree with DTdorrin. Hats should be standard going-out attire. As should fancy shoes and a handbag. Maybe we could all band together and bring back the hats for 2010!

    Btw, Emery…so we've never met but I've read your blog faithfully for the last two years. There's been a handful times I've been out shopping and saw something that I thought, “ooohhh, I bet Emery would like that!” I hope that's not creepy, lol! I just thought it was funny and that you'd be glad to know that you are well thought of!

    Blessings for the new year!

  6. Okay,de-lurking to say: Love, love, love that dress! And hat! Have to visit that hat site NOW.
    Stumbled onto your blog about a month ago and enjoying it ever since! Love your style!

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