Avalanche Tips, for your Living Room!

Did any of you ever do those Winter Survival Days in school, where they take your class out into the snowy wilderness and teach you how to build shelters and start fires and, basically, not die from being cold?

I remember them telling us about what to do if we are ever caught in an unexpected avalanche. (As if you would ever be expecting one. ha.) If you get caught in one and get tumbled around and don’t know which way is UP anymore, you’re supposed to clear a space by your head and then spit. Yes, spit. Whichever way your spit falls would be DOWN. (Due to gravity, you see.) So, you’d want to start digging yourself out in the opposite direction… upwards. Towards the air and sunshine again.

In preparation for our upcoming road trip to Utah, I am currently doing laundry. Laundry of such quantities, that I was thinking this little avalanche tip might just come in handy if these heaps of dirty clothes were to topple upon me unexpectedly.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, please send Search and Rescue to my living room.

I will be the one that is upside-down in a pile of socks and things… spitting and desperately trying to dig my way back out.

har har.

(he thinks I am hilar.)

12 thoughts on “Avalanche Tips, for your Living Room!

  1. Haha, that was hilarious! I definitely know what you mean with the laundry, ours nearly hits the ceiling from our couch…a downside to ginormous families. :)

  2. I also think you are hilarious. Don't bring all that laundry with you ! We have washer and dryer … :)

  3. After reading this, last night I had a dream that I was being thrown around under water by a HUGE wave. I couldn't figure out which direction was up.

    Then I remembered to spit.

    Oh wait, that doesn't work under water.


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